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How I choose my victims

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , on September 22, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

Many people ask me how do I choose my victims. I know they ask me that because they are afraid to be chosen (they should be). The thing is that there are no rules.

It’s the same as to decide between a blue or green t-shirt. I would pick the blue one but there is no explanation, it’s just because I like it better, for no logical reason.

As I said on one of my posts, sometimes I choose the person, sometimes I choose a place. When I find a street, an alley, anywhere very easy to strike and get away, and my hunger is already affecting me, I can’t hold myself. I wait on that place, and then I choose someone in there. But who I’m going to choose, there is no explanation how. I just choose one.
But what I like the most is to choose someone first, and having to plan everything, get to know their routine, choose a place to strike, how to get away. All the planning process is very fulfilling. On this stage, I can picture the murder a lot of times before I do it for real. And I choose this person the same why I pick a T-shirt color. I just pick one.

And a third method is when there is someone bothering me, like those detectives of that “secret organization”. I really enjoy getting rid of them, killing one by one. But I have to be very careful. If the person can be directly linked to you, it’s a lot easier to get caught. If they can’t, it’s nearly impossible if it’s done right.

So, don’t worry. There is no way to prevent from being chosen by me or someone like me. There is no way to escape as well. Just live your life knowing that it can possibly happen. And if it happens, enjoy, because I will.

Do you feel compassion or fear the consequences?

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , on June 29, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

I’ve been paying attention on people’s behavior around me and it made me raise a doubt.
What I’ve noticed is that many, many people who haven’t committed a crime or killed someone yet is just because they are afraid of the punishment, and not because they have compassion.
They are afraid of going to jail, or of the hell or of what others would think about it. Most of people aren’t really worried about the suffering they would cause to others, either to the victim or to the victim’s relatives.

I’ve witnessed many times some guys really angry because of stupid things like when they are on traffic, or at bars and night clubs. And when that happens I can see in their eyes that they would kill, that they are ready for it. Their anger is so strong that they want to finish with somebody’s life in the most horrible way.
If you ask them, they would probably answer: “Yes, I would kill this motherf*****!”.

But they don’t go forward because they are afraid of the consequences. If we didn’t have it (laws, religion, etc.), they would kill in a blink. Most people are like this. And it can be easily proved by the lands that have worst law enforcement, which are always the ones with the higher homicide rates.

So what it made me think is that, although everywhere is said that psychopaths don’t feel remorse, that’s why most (of us) are murderers, serial-killers, etc. what I realized is that the real difference is that we are not afraid. Not afraid enough. Of course the government would never spread this “discovery” or idea, because nobody wants to be a “chicken”, so it wouldn’t be good for society.

But stop a little bit and think about it: have you never killed someone because you fill compassion or because you fear the consequences?

Perfect Crime: Part I

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 20, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

It’s done. The damnass is dead. And if I wasn’t writing it in here nobody would ever know he was killed.

As I was saying, I suspected this guy was part of the secret organization that was chasing me. I noticed he was working on something through the internet every night.
So I wanted to capture this guy, take my time to look through his stuff after any clues, and then kill him very slowly and painfully to satisfy my needs. But all that in a way that would leave no evidence of a crime, so the cops wouldn’t connect him to me.

The main evidence of a case is the body of the victim. With it the police can find out the cause of death and with it maybe get to the killer. As I wanted to completely disfigure and dismember this guy, I knew I had to destroy the body. Based on that I planned this murder.

I spent the last week studying the routine of this guy, so I knew that every week day, at 7pm, he would be back home from work. On Thursday, around 5pm, I broke into his house by the back door (with so many years of murder, I learned some skills), which I knew was going to be destroyed later because it was on the kitchen. I didn’t want the neighborhood to notice there was somebody into the house, so I waited quietly for him to arrive.

As soon as he got home, I knocked him down with a baseball bat, with a strong hit in his head. He didn’t even saw where it came from, and all that could be heard was a bump. No screams.

I tied him up in a chair as usual, in his basement. While he was sleeping, I copied all his notebook and desktop hard drive, including contacts, history of visited sites, everything… I was going to look at it later.

So at this time I already had him on my hands. I planned to finish my “work” at dawn, sometime before he usually go to work, so nobody would miss him. And that’s what I did.