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Back in bloody red: new torture method

Posted in Diary with tags , , , on October 19, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

I didn’t feel like writing these past days, that’s why I didn’t. Writing this journal is a challenge: with it I defy the law and anyone who wants to find me. Even though I have been successful with my murders and staying away from jail.
But with my routine available to everyone I never know how far my readers have got, so sometimes I feel like I’m being observed and I have to stay low profile. It can always be the police, that secret organization, or just a reader after me.

But staying low profile for me doesn’t mean to stop killing. I never stop.
And the easiest ways don’t work for me.
I have already heard some people talking about killing bums, homeless people or hookers to get away easily. For me it doesn’t work. A murder for me is not just a life taken: what satisfies me is the planning process, the challenge, the reaction of the victim, and yes, the murder itself. But with time I realized that it all together is what really fulfills me. People already dead for society or not fully conscious don’t really matter to me. I would do them a favor.

Well, all that is just to say that I had some real fun these days, even though I felt I was being observed.
I would like to register one special torture method I used that I enjoyed.

I captured someone and tied him to a chair at my torture room, in front of a mirror.
This time I used a chainsaw. Surprisingly, I’d never used it before.
I started with his legs, cutting both of them off. But not in just one piece.
First, I’ve cut just the feet, then half of the shank, then at the knee level, and finally half of the thigh. I did it with both legs.
After the legs, I went to the arms. Same thing: I’ve cut it off in four steps.
Every time he passed out, I used a substance to wake him up, and just continued after he was fully awake. He watched every single step of his dismembering. You should see his horror face.
And before he died, I divided his head in half, using the chainsaw as well, cutting from the chin to the brain, very slowly.

The problem was to clean all the blood after that. But I was prepared.

Killing randomly

Posted in Diary with tags , , , on September 1, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

It has been so boring these last days.
I think I’m missing my hunt, the detectives that were after me looks to be completely lost. I can’t blame them. As I always say: I’m very good on what I do. And, of course, they are afraid. They should be. I’ll get one by one sooner or later, it doesn’t matter if they are still working on this or not. I still have some names and addresses that I’m keeping for later.

Well, changing subjects, it’s not because I have this desire to kill that any killing completely satisfies me. I had some fun this week, but I don’t know what happened but it was kind of boring… At least to me.
I was driving back home from my job late at night when I saw a girl walking alone. I wanted some emotion, to take some risk. Kill randomly, without any plans. Just to answer to my primary instincts.

I offered her a ride and of course she declined. At this moment she saw what was coming, I could see the despair in her eyes. The funny thing is that she didn’t take any attitude at all. She just stood there, completely froze. I got out my car with a baseball bat I had in there and just hit her head with it. She fell. I got her into my car, drove to my torture room. I’m pretty sure nobody saw it. Well, if somebody did I would already know. It happened on Wednesday.
I tortured her for a couple of days and got rid of the body as usual.

What I’ve noticed with time is that things are a lot easier than it seems. We complicate things, and the government uses the media to give the impression that it is impossible to commit a crime and get away with is. But the thing is that it is easy like that. How many murders don’t I have in my back? I guess that’s why I’m getting kind of bored.

How to raise a serial-killer

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , , , on August 4, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

This last week made me remember some other occasions that happened to me in the past so I decided to write it down. As I said before, I was locked into a stranger’s basement for 12 years. 12 really long years. That’s how I spent my childhood.

I was caught when I was only 5. I don’t remember much, all I know is that it was like if my father gave me, or sold me, or something like it. I was left by him at a public park, and 10 minutes after he left, this guy appeared and took me.
I never knew my mother. I don’t even know if I have one. And I don’t care. I don’t remember much before that.

This guy, I don’t even know his name. And I don’t know why he kept me. I was locked in there, in his basement, without any contact with the outside world. The “real” world for many.  It was just me, and four walls, and him somewhere, and some screams, and death, some occasional victims locked together.

He was a killer like me. I guess since I was a little kid he knew what I would become. Maybe he saw him in me. I will never understand it.

He introduced me to death, and that’s something I’m thankful. Sometimes he used to let me watch while he tortured and killed some random victim. I’ve met some of these victims, or almost met: when he used to lock them with me, there wasn’t much to meet.  They usually were not in one piece anymore, and they were always tied and gagged.

The funny thing is that I had never been afraid or disgusted, nothing like it, and I got to know it was different just after I escaped. I used to see all the killings and dismembering with a big naturalness. I guess that what mostly differs me from many.

But I always wanted to get out. I thought I would be free if I escaped, that I would be able to do whatever and everything I always wanted. Later I realized it wasn’t what I imagined.

I was alone for all this time, thinking on how to get out.
So one day he proved of his own medicine. Maybe that’s what he always wanted, and that’s the reason why he kept me. He was my first toy. First of many.

Do you really want to find a serial-killer?

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , on July 20, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

The detective from the last post turned into ashes.
Saying like that doesn’t sound like a very painful process, but I can assure that it was. I kept him alive for 5 days, at least in parts.

It’s fun to observe how these detectives behave before they get to know me and after. It’s easy to be brave sitting in front of a computer, virtually chasing someone, but they never keep it up sitting in my chair.

This last guy was very productive to me. First, and most important, it was very fun and pleasant to slowly take his life, and watch him pray every of his last 432,000 seconds to die fast. And second because in his suffering he gave as much information about his fellow detectives and this Intelligence and Surveillance Agency as he could. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they don’t communicate much among them, so he didn’t know everything.

Now I know more about my preys who think that are hunters. I will let them keep thinking that by now: they won’t see me coming. I guess they have no idea of what they are playing with. When they usually realize, there is no turn back.

To get rid of this body I decided to do something different. I didn’t want anybody to find even a small piece of him, so he would be given as missing for as long as possible. So I made a big barbecue from his corpse. I didn’t eat it though. I left his body floating in alcohol for a whole day, so it could absorb the flammable substance like a sponge. The next day I used my barbecue grill to toast it to the bones, just leaving the ashes. It worked beautifully.

For anyone who finds and reads my journal: if you don’t have the balls to face me, don’t go after me. Maybe sometime you will find what you are looking for. What are you most afraid of? Death? Most of my victims think I’m way worst than death. Give it up and maybe, just maybe, you won’t have the pleasure to meet me.


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Many people think that part of what we are is that we have rituals. We, vampires as “SiN” commented on the last post, get to do always the same thing for killing, hunting, stalking, etc. Like if we had some kind of mind disorder.

I do have some rituals, specially for killing. I love to take someone’s life at my torture room, my death temple. When I do it, I like to use a screwdriver. I usually tie the victim to my chair using a rope, and I take some time to finish my job. Not hours, but days. I like to enjoy it calmly, like when we have a delicious meal and we start eating by the borders, leaving the best part to the end.

But the reality is that everyone have rituals. Your routine is filled with it. When you wake up and first wash your face, then make and egg, then brush your teeth, and do the same everyday (usually in the same order). When you dress and prepare yourself to go out, transforming yourself from your workaday self to a more self-confident one. Before going to bed, when you turn off all the lights and computers, lock the door, prepare your clothes and material for the other day.

You’ll notice that you have a lot of rituals. But you have it to feel protected, secure. To help you with your fears.

My rituals are not to protect me from anything. They are more like “best-practices”. I’ve learned with time and experience what I enjoy the most. It is extremely pleasant to seek for a new prey, and to observe its everyday routine. And the capture part is so fun, I like to plan it, to imagine and re-imagine what I’m going to do, to think on all the possibilities. With time, I’ve learned the best ways to do it, not just the most effectives, but the most pleasing.
That’s why sometimes I repeat it, not to feel more secure. Not like you.

Another one down. Who’s next?

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , on June 22, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

These past weeks I was following a lead to another detective. This time it was a female.
I can’t understand why they are doing it. Why did they join a secret organization to go after me (or another ones)? Why take the risk? Maybe I’m giving them what they seek: death. That’s the most reasonable explanation I found.

With all the material and information that I got from the last murders, I found out about this woman. I discovered where she lived, so I had been carefully watching her daily routine, until this last Tuesday.

I noticed that every Tuesdays and Thursdays at night she had language classes. She was learning French. And it used to end around eight pm. To go back home, she used to go to a street that was way down the place where she studied. It was like if the school was on the top of a hill (small one) and she had to go down it to another street, using a stairway (it was a very urban place though, the place is surrounded by buildings). From there, she walked about two blocks to her bus stop.

Those stairs were the perfect place to strike. It never had anyone going down it, and she was always alone. And it didn’t have anything around, just bushes. The street where it ended was very “fast”, like a highway. And the bus stop, the nearest place with a group of people, was two blocks from there.

I stopped the car a little far from there and waited for the girl on those “stairs”, hiding in one of the bushes. As soon as she passed by me, I came from her back and put her to sleep using chloroform. I carried her down, and hided her sleeping body in a bush, still on the stairs. I got my car, drove to there, got her back very fast, threw in my car, and drove to my “torture room”.

Yes, my torture room. I missed it so much! As things have been really quiet lately, I decided to use it again.

Well, from there I did what I usually do. And I just killed the poor girl on Friday. I needed to “play” sometime with someone, my last murders happened too quick. And I had to satisfy my hunger for real this time.

Her body is already disposed. She didn’t talk much, but I could get some information. Who’s next?

My Torture Room

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Just after I had escaped from that hospital I found my actual Torture Room. The one I still use today. In there I feel at home, I mean, really at home.
Where I live, by that I refer to the place I sleep, eat, rest and show to others, feels like a scenario to me. A scenario for the role I play for the world. The so-called “normal world”, the life of appearances where inside four walls most people have a second personality. (What is normal in that?) Thinking like that I can see I’m not that different.

Back to my torture room. I found it kind by accident. When I was escaping from that place, I had nowhere to go. Luckily I found an abandoned place where I could disappear for some time and that right away became my beautiful torture room (I guess some people have already discovered how I got there). Many have already seem, experienced and felt it. None survived.

Every time I kill someone in there, the place gets more powerful. I don’t really believe in souls, but I’ve noticed that death leaves some kind of energy. The kind I like. And every day that place seems to become more beautiful. And it brings so many memories back to me…

Right now I can’t use it. It has already been found two times by that secret organization that is after me, and I don’t want to risk to lose it. I can’t be sure if it is under surveillance or not, so I’m kind of cautious until I find those detectives. You can be sure many of them will meet it. You maybe will get to know it.

If you want to take a pick how it feels in there, follow this link and the instructions in it: torture room