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Killing randomly

Posted in Diary with tags , , , on September 1, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

It has been so boring these last days.
I think I’m missing my hunt, the detectives that were after me looks to be completely lost. I can’t blame them. As I always say: I’m very good on what I do. And, of course, they are afraid. They should be. I’ll get one by one sooner or later, it doesn’t matter if they are still working on this or not. I still have some names and addresses that I’m keeping for later.

Well, changing subjects, it’s not because I have this desire to kill that any killing completely satisfies me. I had some fun this week, but I don’t know what happened but it was kind of boring… At least to me.
I was driving back home from my job late at night when I saw a girl walking alone. I wanted some emotion, to take some risk. Kill randomly, without any plans. Just to answer to my primary instincts.

I offered her a ride and of course she declined. At this moment she saw what was coming, I could see the despair in her eyes. The funny thing is that she didn’t take any attitude at all. She just stood there, completely froze. I got out my car with a baseball bat I had in there and just hit her head with it. She fell. I got her into my car, drove to my torture room. I’m pretty sure nobody saw it. Well, if somebody did I would already know. It happened on Wednesday.
I tortured her for a couple of days and got rid of the body as usual.

What I’ve noticed with time is that things are a lot easier than it seems. We complicate things, and the government uses the media to give the impression that it is impossible to commit a crime and get away with is. But the thing is that it is easy like that. How many murders don’t I have in my back? I guess that’s why I’m getting kind of bored.

A perfect capture place

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , on August 17, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

As time passes by and I have no news about my detective “friends”, I’m relaxing and going back to my everyday routine. I have enough information of many of them, which I’ll use for my hunt in the near future. But this last week I found a great place to hunt randomly.

Sometimes I feel like going after a chosen person, sometimes I get excited with a new place for capture. Whenever I find a perfect street, an alley, anywhere that I think it is great to get new preys, I have to use it!

This week I found a street with no lights at all, located in a very rich neighborhood. At one side, it has a small descent park. At the other side, a very high wall, of an enormous mansion. And people use the sidewalk of this street to walk, exercise. And I never saw a cop in there, at least during this time I was watching it.

So I got a motorcycle, drove to the park in the dusk, hid it in one of the bushes. I waited hidden in there too. I left my car some blocks from there, in a desert place, but this one in bad neighborhood.

I waited about half an hour, and there it came, my perfect prey. A beautiful young girl jogging, caught by the dark. I didn’t find any camera around, but to prevent I kept my helmet on. As soon as she passed by me, I knocked her down with a piece of wood, and to guarantee I injected a substance to keep her sleeping.

I got her on the motorcycle with an extra helmet on I brought. And drove to my car. Anybody that saw me passing by with her in the bike could never tell she was passed out. I got her then into my car and left the bike in there. I bet it didn’t take much to disappear, as it was in a very bad neighborhood.

From there I went to my beautiful torture room, where I introduced to the girl my real self. She met my monster inside, as many of you will. But not by her.

A not so easy murder

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , , on July 13, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

With all the information I’ve gathered from my past victims I have defined some new targets. I have their names, addresses, occupation, even some pieces of conversation among them.
I’ve been following the steps of this “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency” but now it seems that many detectives have either given up, or are too frightened, or are really lost and don’t know what to do now. I know what to do.

The last two weeks I’ve been after one of its detective. I was observing each of his steps, but it was kind of difficult to make a move at first. The guy didn’t live alone, he lived with his family. The route he used to do everyday, from his house to the work, and backwards, was too crowded. He didn’t use to get out home much, and when he did, was to a public place.

I don’t want the members of the agency to know that I’m hunting them, so I’m trying to don’t show that this people disappearance or death are in reality murders (at least don’t make it too obvious).

So I just waited and observed. It’s not as easy as it sounds because when you are after someone, you don’t want people in the community to notice you have been observing. I was leaving my car some blocks away, never at the same place, and stood hiding in a spot I found near his house. Everyday. Same thing when he was working, I was just waiting for the best time to strike.

Finally this past Friday he called for a taxi at night. He got into it alone and I followed him. He stopped at a bar, and started drinking with some of his friends. Right away, I drove looking for a taxi stop kind of far from the bar, and found one that there was just one cab waiting. I stopped the car, got to it walking, and asked the driver to take me to a street I knew (it was a very dark and uninhabited street). As soon as he got there, I killed the driver with a knife, cutting his throat. Got the things he had to pretend a robbery, left his body there, and drove back to the bar where my friend was standing. And I waited some blocks away from it, in a place that I still could see the bar.

I was paying attention when the “detective” got out of the bar, waiting for something. At this time I realized he must have called for a taxi and was now waiting for it. So I drove there, stopped right in front of him, and without having to say a thing, he got into the car. He told me his destination (his house). He was seating in the back seat, what made things a little bit more difficult. But what helped is that he was kind of drunk.

When I got at the address and he was going to pay for the ride, I grabbed his hands, pulled him closer to me, and injected a substance I had prepared at his arms. He tried to scream, but the little time he had before falling asleep I held him by the throat.

All I had to do then was take him to my torture room, and burn the taxi leaving no clues behind. That’s what I did. Now the poor guy is sitting in my chair. Let’s see how long he will last.


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Many people think that part of what we are is that we have rituals. We, vampires as “SiN” commented on the last post, get to do always the same thing for killing, hunting, stalking, etc. Like if we had some kind of mind disorder.

I do have some rituals, specially for killing. I love to take someone’s life at my torture room, my death temple. When I do it, I like to use a screwdriver. I usually tie the victim to my chair using a rope, and I take some time to finish my job. Not hours, but days. I like to enjoy it calmly, like when we have a delicious meal and we start eating by the borders, leaving the best part to the end.

But the reality is that everyone have rituals. Your routine is filled with it. When you wake up and first wash your face, then make and egg, then brush your teeth, and do the same everyday (usually in the same order). When you dress and prepare yourself to go out, transforming yourself from your workaday self to a more self-confident one. Before going to bed, when you turn off all the lights and computers, lock the door, prepare your clothes and material for the other day.

You’ll notice that you have a lot of rituals. But you have it to feel protected, secure. To help you with your fears.

My rituals are not to protect me from anything. They are more like “best-practices”. I’ve learned with time and experience what I enjoy the most. It is extremely pleasant to seek for a new prey, and to observe its everyday routine. And the capture part is so fun, I like to plan it, to imagine and re-imagine what I’m going to do, to think on all the possibilities. With time, I’ve learned the best ways to do it, not just the most effectives, but the most pleasing.
That’s why sometimes I repeat it, not to feel more secure. Not like you.

How I feel after I kill

Posted in Diary with tags , , , , , on June 8, 2009 by J.A.C.K.

Last week’s murders made me feel so good! As I always feel after I kill someone. I was thinking about that… It’s like if I had one more carnal necessity.
People in general feels hungry, thirsty, etc. And if we can’t fulfill these necessities, we loose our mind. We get temporarily irrational until we satiate it. We turn into savage animals. It can be called “survival instinct”.

I was born with one extra survival necessity. I don’t kill just because I want to. I need to. And it is not an addiction, because even when I was a kid and still didn’t know the real, dirty world we live in, I had this desire. And I’ve always wondered if it is just me… Am I a natural predator, or all we are? Maybe some of us have control over it or learn how to suppress this feeling or even live its life with an eternal need.

I’m blood thirsty. I’m hungry for flesh. I’ve always been. And as days passes by, and I don’t get to fulfill my needs, I begin to get more and more savage. It takes control of my mind, and then everyone that I see passing by me begins to look like a potential corpse.

So last week, as I watched the girl’s blood flooding the kitchen, her open throat, her husband’s panic face, the knife getting into his stomach, the life coming out of his eyes, it made me feel so alive, so satiated! It’s just like when you are almost starving and you get to eat. It’s a mix of relief with pleasure. I could do this all day long. And after a couple of hours, I need more.

But it has already been a week…

Two more murders

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For the past few weeks my focus have been the detectives from this organization which is after me. I’ll kill one by one before they get too close.

I have been using what I have to connect with some of the “agents”, build a relationship with them and build some trust. I was able to infiltrate one of their communication channels (this one here) plus I found some direct ways to contact some of them.

I was in touch with one of the “detectives” specifically for some time.

But I was always very careful about raising any kind of suspicion on me. I would never, for example, arrange a meeting as a way to kill the guy, because it would be too obvious and they would probably connect the dots and find me very quick. I never asked too much, or came too close, because I wanted to be just another guy from the organization, one that he would never care to mention to anyone, just another regular detective.

And I waited… Until he gave me something.

Last Thursday this guy told me that some people were going to get together on the weekend for an online conference and he wouldn’t be able because he was going to travel with his wife to a country house, with no internet access. And he told me the city he was going to. I felt it was the perfect occasion to his death.

At that time, I had already discovered where he lived. So I waited at his address and carefully followed them to this country house. It was isolated from everything.

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Murder without remorse

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I have been thinking about my childhood these days. Usually when things happened to me, like when I heard that somebody had died or had suffered an accident, or even when I had a “date”, I didn’t feel a thing. I was never sad or happy. But I could notice how people behaved on those situations, and I thought it was something they’d learned. So I used to think I didn’t know how I should feel because I was still too young.

So I started to observe and learn how I was expected to answer to every situation, so I could copy it. The movies were one of the sources to my learning process. I didn’t pretend anything just because I knew I had to hide who I really was, but because I thought everyone was just like me and that was the normal thing to do, to pretend emotions.

Now that I’m an adult, with all my experience, I’m still not sure if people can actually feel what they show or if they’ve learned it just like me. I mean, I’ve watched on documentaries and read on books about serial killers that the main difference about me and the “normal” are the emotions, that psychopaths don’t have feelings. And I am really like this.
But sometimes I think if in reality people in general don’t mix their feelings with what they are expected to feel. If they don’t pretend it just like me to seen like the others. If it is just something they were taught.

It’s not the first time I question it to myself because that’s something I really would like to know. The real difference between me and the “others” maybe is just a very thin line. It doesn’t really matter to me, it will make no difference to my life, but that’s a big curiosity I have.

To the crazy, the normal is crazy. Who are the “normal” in our world? Should I really be condemned and persecuted or follow? That’s something you should ask to yourself and learn with your instincts. And if you can, share with me.