Back in bloody red: new torture method

I didn’t feel like writing these past days, that’s why I didn’t. Writing this journal is a challenge: with it I defy the law and anyone who wants to find me. Even though I have been successful with my murders and staying away from jail.
But with my routine available to everyone I never know how far my readers have got, so sometimes I feel like I’m being observed and I have to stay low profile. It can always be the police, that secret organization, or just a reader after me.

But staying low profile for me doesn’t mean to stop killing. I never stop.
And the easiest ways don’t work for me.
I have already heard some people talking about killing bums, homeless people or hookers to get away easily. For me it doesn’t work. A murder for me is not just a life taken: what satisfies me is the planning process, the challenge, the reaction of the victim, and yes, the murder itself. But with time I realized that it all together is what really fulfills me. People already dead for society or not fully conscious don’t really matter to me. I would do them a favor.

Well, all that is just to say that I had some real fun these days, even though I felt I was being observed.
I would like to register one special torture method I used that I enjoyed.

I captured someone and tied him to a chair at my torture room, in front of a mirror.
This time I used a chainsaw. Surprisingly, I’d never used it before.
I started with his legs, cutting both of them off. But not in just one piece.
First, I’ve cut just the feet, then half of the shank, then at the knee level, and finally half of the thigh. I did it with both legs.
After the legs, I went to the arms. Same thing: I’ve cut it off in four steps.
Every time he passed out, I used a substance to wake him up, and just continued after he was fully awake. He watched every single step of his dismembering. You should see his horror face.
And before he died, I divided his head in half, using the chainsaw as well, cutting from the chin to the brain, very slowly.

The problem was to clean all the blood after that. But I was prepared.

16 Responses to “Back in bloody red: new torture method”

  1. DaMN! SOn! YoU ON SoME CRaZy ShIT!

  2. you really sound like complete bs! seriously what kind of dick-head would put evidence like that, is this your hobby or wtf? i mean are you just retarded or just another 40yr old fatass virgin with nothing to do?

  3. Interesting Says:

    I have read your blog form the How to kill someone and get away with it till here, and i just say im impressed. Or you are a pseudo-anticrist (not rellogious crap, but to compare you thirst of blood) or you really are one witdhmouthed fella
    I really enjoy ur chronicles, and i (even if i am a noob, im a little sadist) recomnd you to make interactive torture: You could make the guy eat his own eye, while he watches it in the mirror with the second one. U could also combine psicological torture, like creating a device in wich the prisioner itself would torture himself by trying to fullfill a necesity (i dun know, a glass of water near by, but he has to tear a leg apart to get ONE chain loose and reach the glass)
    I just think that my torture hipotetic ways are too childish, but it would be interesting to not only see it in an excrutiating pain, but in a so desperating condition because he will suffer one ay or the other, and there is no second option
    Till the next murder
    the interested guy

    • Why don t you try it? C’mon, I really would like to have one more toy to play with.

      Do it, but be prepare because we’ll go afeter you too…and don’t forget… little fishes are easier to capture.

  4. DiS Nigga On SOme ReAl Shit!

  5. Enjoy your time as a free man jack, next year you won’t escape me!

    • Owlhead0321 Says:

      You’ll never catch him dude. At first I thought you and J.A.C.K. were just having fun, and I thought it was cool J.A.C.K. had a enemy. But now that I look at it, he probably doesn’t even look at your comments anymore, he probably just thinks “This kid again, oh boy.” Now you’re just getting sad, just saying. Why don’t you admire this man’s art instead of just trolling him on every page?

  6. DiS OnE iS fOr ThOsE wHo CrAzY!!!!

    []D [] []\/[] []D™

  7. i dont get why some people write such indiotic stuff about u. In a (strange) way i admire u. Just dont ask me to explain why!

  8. It is obviously fantasy and nothing here is real. Any police agent reading this would have already found you via IP adress.

  9. Name (required) Says:

    you are not important enough to be observed…
    get over yourself

  10. i think its funny everyone comes here and talks how there going to get jack but every other day hes still on here with a new entry…. either you suck or theres two jacks.. losers

  11. haters suck dick cause they know they’re nothing so they try bring others down to their scumbag level

  12. Numbuh 653 Says:

    You really sound stupid your probaly some shit sicko in the head who thinks hes cool! Well when you die enjoy your time in hell!

  13. Owlhead0321 Says:

    I wouldn’t be in it for the torture. I would be in it to see how far I could go without getting caught.

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