About weapons

I like to share my past experiences with others. If I die someday, the things I’ve learned with time won’t be lost. And this way I can inspire others to share as well, and maybe I’ll learn something I didn’t know.

Well, something I’ve learned about weapons, is to don’t use guns/firearms. It may be good for protection, but it’s not for me. Guns are for thieves, not killers. First, the prey dies to fast. Where’s the fun on that? I mean, I like to take lives, but not just to do it, but to enjoy every single moment. I like to watch their despair, I like to see their begging for their lives or begging to take it away fast. All the pain they feel while they are in my torture room, every single pain, is translated into pleasure to me. So why I would take someone’s life so fast? If I’m already killing someone, at least I’ll make it worthy. Other way, why take the risk? Even if it’s for survival. If someone is after me, and I have to get rid of him/she, why not enjoy it?

But that’s not the only reason. Guns and firearms are traceable. Of course you can buy it illegally, but anyway there is a way to the cops get to you. Maybe during the transaction, if they were already after that specific gang. And there are millions of other ways. Knives and other white weapons are not registered and hardly someone keeps control of it. It’s a lot more difficult to get caught because of it.

Another reason: guns denounces you. While knives (and white weapons) can be easily disguised among other home utilities, if you have a gun, and you are catch with it, even at home, they know you are ready for, or you have already thought about killing.

So, from my point of view, if someone is not thinking about killing but needs protection or to threaten someone, it needs a firearm. Killers like me should stick to the white weapons. If someone wants to live this life for a long time, must do it right.

2 Responses to “About weapons”

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  2. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Yeah, I thought through weapons if I was a serial killer since I was once caught in a paranoid state where I couldn’t stop thinking about death. I thought if I were to kill someone, knives, axes, baseball bats, chloroform, and possibly hammers would be my choice of weapon. But I would also prefer poisoning somebody with insulin, because it’s not only deadly, it can be very hard to find in the system.

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