How I choose my victims

Many people ask me how do I choose my victims. I know they ask me that because they are afraid to be chosen (they should be). The thing is that there are no rules.

It’s the same as to decide between a blue or green t-shirt. I would pick the blue one but there is no explanation, it’s just because I like it better, for no logical reason.

As I said on one of my posts, sometimes I choose the person, sometimes I choose a place. When I find a street, an alley, anywhere very easy to strike and get away, and my hunger is already affecting me, I can’t hold myself. I wait on that place, and then I choose someone in there. But who I’m going to choose, there is no explanation how. I just choose one.
But what I like the most is to choose someone first, and having to plan everything, get to know their routine, choose a place to strike, how to get away. All the planning process is very fulfilling. On this stage, I can picture the murder a lot of times before I do it for real. And I choose this person the same why I pick a T-shirt color. I just pick one.

And a third method is when there is someone bothering me, like those detectives of that “secret organization”. I really enjoy getting rid of them, killing one by one. But I have to be very careful. If the person can be directly linked to you, it’s a lot easier to get caught. If they can’t, it’s nearly impossible if it’s done right.

So, don’t worry. There is no way to prevent from being chosen by me or someone like me. There is no way to escape as well. Just live your life knowing that it can possibly happen. And if it happens, enjoy, because I will.

6 Responses to “How I choose my victims”

  1. wow…

    I m not afraid…

  2. Hey, you remind me of Dexter.
    You know, that TV show?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Except he doesn’t have a torture room.

  3. J.A.C.K., i am not afraid, i want you to teach me, show me how you do the things you do. make me like you. i want to meet you. i dont want you tot kill me, but make me your sucessor. pass your talent on to me, i want to continue your works of art.

  4. jack u r a lame looser. r u ever been with a girl? i dont think so. u r a sick masturbator. u r the bigest looser in a hole world. i wish to meet u becouse i realy want to brake you geek face!

  5. Owlhead0321 Says:

    One thing I noticed is that a lot of the people you talk about are women. They are also the ones that you apparently have fun with. I’m not saying you’re a rapist or anything, you seem way to smart to be a rapist, but I think that you just seem to choose women a lot.

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