A perfect capture place

As time passes by and I have no news about my detective “friends”, I’m relaxing and going back to my everyday routine. I have enough information of many of them, which I’ll use for my hunt in the near future. But this last week I found a great place to hunt randomly.

Sometimes I feel like going after a chosen person, sometimes I get excited with a new place for capture. Whenever I find a perfect street, an alley, anywhere that I think it is great to get new preys, I have to use it!

This week I found a street with no lights at all, located in a very rich neighborhood. At one side, it has a small descent park. At the other side, a very high wall, of an enormous mansion. And people use the sidewalk of this street to walk, exercise. And I never saw a cop in there, at least during this time I was watching it.

So I got a motorcycle, drove to the park in the dusk, hid it in one of the bushes. I waited hidden in there too. I left my car some blocks from there, in a desert place, but this one in bad neighborhood.

I waited about half an hour, and there it came, my perfect prey. A beautiful young girl jogging, caught by the dark. I didn’t find any camera around, but to prevent I kept my helmet on. As soon as she passed by me, I knocked her down with a piece of wood, and to guarantee I injected a substance to keep her sleeping.

I got her on the motorcycle with an extra helmet on I brought. And drove to my car. Anybody that saw me passing by with her in the bike could never tell she was passed out. I got her then into my car and left the bike in there. I bet it didn’t take much to disappear, as it was in a very bad neighborhood.

From there I went to my beautiful torture room, where I introduced to the girl my real self. She met my monster inside, as many of you will. But not by her.

15 Responses to “A perfect capture place”

  1. Life is Good Says:


    : )

  2. Not affraid.

    You should be the most afraid off beig murdered….

    So weak….so fragile…


    Your time will come….like an inevitable nightfall it WILL COME!

    And SIN, get out of my way.

    I told ia…I don’t like fishing baits…

    I’m olny interested in JACK…

    NOT YOU!

    • Bru im making this clear to you just as its unspoken with everyone else. You stand no chance. You try to get one of us and you will die… end of story. I can give you my home adress and you still couldnt get me…

  3. Girly Girl Says:

    Nice hunting my dear. You did a great job as always.
    I have a question for you, do you feel alone as B.R.U. says? answer me please.
    Well, let me tell you i dont feel alone, im quite narcissist, i love myself, i dont need anyone else, i like loneliness.

    • I like being alone.
      You can’t get more free than that.

    • Im intreaged to ask you a few questionss.. you interest me.. could we get in contact of some sort.. email.. IM’ing idk i feel i must ask you several questions.. just let me know

      • Girly Girl Says:

        Well my friend, im pretty paranoid, mostly now.
        If you want i contact you, you have to earn my thrust.
        Why are you interested about me? what do you want from me? answer and ill consider contact you.

    • I find you reactions to his postings very .. interesting. i dont know why but the way you stated “lonliness is freedom” i just seemed to want to know more about you. Ive already destroyed bru’s self esteem and hes no fun anymore.. people stopped emailing me about things and ive decided i want to know more about YOU…

  4. Bru’s just a loser and cant cope with the fact that he will never achieve greatness… and Bru just to let you know… Im 18 and i could rip your face in half asshole

  5. Greg Hunter Says:

    Sigh, I thought you people live forever. I’m a bit disappointed.

  6. Interesting, as always.
    Your remarkedly simple, yet amazingly devious, exploits always make for a good read.
    I wish you luck with your detective “friends”, as you put it.

  7. Owlhead0321 Says:

    I love when J.A.C.K. answers a fan’s question. He keeps it short and sweet, instead of a long lengthy discussion.
    By the way J.A.C.K., how many people HAVE you killed? Really, I mean, you sound like you kill a hundred people a day.

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