Do you really want to find a serial-killer?

The detective from the last post turned into ashes.
Saying like that doesn’t sound like a very painful process, but I can assure that it was. I kept him alive for 5 days, at least in parts.

It’s fun to observe how these detectives behave before they get to know me and after. It’s easy to be brave sitting in front of a computer, virtually chasing someone, but they never keep it up sitting in my chair.

This last guy was very productive to me. First, and most important, it was very fun and pleasant to slowly take his life, and watch him pray every of his last 432,000 seconds to die fast. And second because in his suffering he gave as much information about his fellow detectives and this Intelligence and Surveillance Agency as he could. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they don’t communicate much among them, so he didn’t know everything.

Now I know more about my preys who think that are hunters. I will let them keep thinking that by now: they won’t see me coming. I guess they have no idea of what they are playing with. When they usually realize, there is no turn back.

To get rid of this body I decided to do something different. I didn’t want anybody to find even a small piece of him, so he would be given as missing for as long as possible. So I made a big barbecue from his corpse. I didn’t eat it though. I left his body floating in alcohol for a whole day, so it could absorb the flammable substance like a sponge. The next day I used my barbecue grill to toast it to the bones, just leaving the ashes. It worked beautifully.

For anyone who finds and reads my journal: if you don’t have the balls to face me, don’t go after me. Maybe sometime you will find what you are looking for. What are you most afraid of? Death? Most of my victims think I’m way worst than death. Give it up and maybe, just maybe, you won’t have the pleasure to meet me.

8 Responses to “Do you really want to find a serial-killer?”

  1. Yeah jack., are really making a lot of injuries to our organization.It really make me sad….some friends are dissapearing…

    But I won’t give up.I ‘m still i this game jack.I’ll come after you, and I will find you after you find me!And I ‘m not afraid of dying or something like that.If you kill me, others will come in my place…but it won’t happen.I am the one that will put an end to this!

    And for all the fans, get out from my way. I really don t want to waste my precious time with you. Yeas..I am talking directly to “Gily girl” and “SIN”.Get out off my way.

    Keep going jack…when you fail, I will be there.

    • DJ Mortik Says:

      Bru you are still failing to supply proof of your existence and therefor you are pathetic and mean nothing to us

  2. Girly Girl Says:

    A barbecue? pretty clever, nice way to get off the body and evidence. You surprised me again.
    But it’s a shame you didnt taste the “specimen”, you should try next time.
    See you, beautiful thing.

  3. lol you people are pretty stupid to go along with his lame joke

  4. Like I said before.

    I love you.

  5. Even though you’re not real. 😉

  6. J.A.C.K. believe me, the pleasure would be ALL mine.

  7. Save the meat for me Jack! I’d always eat my victims. They taste abit like red meat but the texture is like chicken. I’d like to put the kind of vinegar you add in Fish and Chips on them. Taste perfecto!
    Maybe i’d open a restaurant soon, i wana share this delicious dish with everyone!

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