A not so easy murder

With all the information I’ve gathered from my past victims I have defined some new targets. I have their names, addresses, occupation, even some pieces of conversation among them.
I’ve been following the steps of this “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency” but now it seems that many detectives have either given up, or are too frightened, or are really lost and don’t know what to do now. I know what to do.

The last two weeks I’ve been after one of its detective. I was observing each of his steps, but it was kind of difficult to make a move at first. The guy didn’t live alone, he lived with his family. The route he used to do everyday, from his house to the work, and backwards, was too crowded. He didn’t use to get out home much, and when he did, was to a public place.

I don’t want the members of the agency to know that I’m hunting them, so I’m trying to don’t show that this people disappearance or death are in reality murders (at least don’t make it too obvious).

So I just waited and observed. It’s not as easy as it sounds because when you are after someone, you don’t want people in the community to notice you have been observing. I was leaving my car some blocks away, never at the same place, and stood hiding in a spot I found near his house. Everyday. Same thing when he was working, I was just waiting for the best time to strike.

Finally this past Friday he called for a taxi at night. He got into it alone and I followed him. He stopped at a bar, and started drinking with some of his friends. Right away, I drove looking for a taxi stop kind of far from the bar, and found one that there was just one cab waiting. I stopped the car, got to it walking, and asked the driver to take me to a street I knew (it was a very dark and uninhabited street). As soon as he got there, I killed the driver with a knife, cutting his throat. Got the things he had to pretend a robbery, left his body there, and drove back to the bar where my friend was standing. And I waited some blocks away from it, in a place that I still could see the bar.

I was paying attention when the “detective” got out of the bar, waiting for something. At this time I realized he must have called for a taxi and was now waiting for it. So I drove there, stopped right in front of him, and without having to say a thing, he got into the car. He told me his destination (his house). He was seating in the back seat, what made things a little bit more difficult. But what helped is that he was kind of drunk.

When I got at the address and he was going to pay for the ride, I grabbed his hands, pulled him closer to me, and injected a substance I had prepared at his arms. He tried to scream, but the little time he had before falling asleep I held him by the throat.

All I had to do then was take him to my torture room, and burn the taxi leaving no clues behind. That’s what I did. Now the poor guy is sitting in my chair. Let’s see how long he will last.

22 Responses to “A not so easy murder”

  1. HAHAHA jack…your “fans” really make me laugh.

    IDIOTS! You guys don t really know what really a murder.


    You are the weakest people of ou society.You are the ones that most fear jack.As you can t beat him, you join him…

    It seen a good plan for awhile, but you are trusting the wrong person.

    Choose your sides.Choose your team.

    Chosse jack’s team and you will suffer the same consequences.

    About you jack, dont worry…your time will come.

    • Your absolutely pathetic Bru. I think your just desperate for attention thats why you do all of this. Thats why you act like you care. Some of the people as girly girl is, are still too insecure to commit a murder by themselves and do choose to follow someone stronger but you can shut your god damned mouth if your going to talk about all of us that way. I bet if anyone of us knew your name you wouldnt be alive anymore.. Dont think so try me big guy. I have enough assets to sit on my ass and take you out. Lets see what your made of bru….

    • All i can say is your a fake

    • If your fake ass can actually find me… You make me laugh at the fact your just another person who talks crap on the internet. Im still waiting on some form of proof of your existance

  2. Girly Girl Says:

    Fascinating, you dont stop surprising me.
    The way you performed this “hunt” is just excellent, besides you got someone to play, congrats.
    By the way, im taking notes.

  3. Good job J.A.C.K. im glad your helping the cause.. try taking small pieces of skin off with a razor blade. The screams are quite appetizing. Re-opening wounds is a blast. I question i have is do you kill for the thrill or do you drink the blood?

    • SiN I’m a bit fascinated. Your lack of consistency. One message you chase mindlessness B.R.U.; One message it seems you possess some knowledge.

      • Some days ive have food others im still a bit thirsty. Either way it creates a situation where my mind is constantly in flux but i still have a constant and general h8red for this fool

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  5. airborne Says:

    you all fans of this sicko are disgusting. and and this is for the bastard with the username SiN. in a comment you said to bru that if you knew his name he would be dead and that made me laugh. here is my adreess and my name, let´s see if you come and kill you pathetic fuck. country: US state: texas town: san antonio adress: sabines street #186 and my name is jim bender. come and kill me stupid fuck.

    • You’re pathetic. You fail understanding.
      I’m not as weak as these other fools. I have standards.
      But I know when they pick their victims it’s like picking a love.
      You give your address out like a desperate 8 year old girl, hoping you’d be chosen. Put your bra back on, no one wants you. You’re pathetic.

  6. airborne Says:

    j.a.c.k is just a sick game and all his post´s are clues to win the game. i´m sure none of all of you his sick fans knew this

  7. airborne Says:



  9. kill yourself airborne. Im more concerned with the pathetic little bru then the typo crazed five year old that doesnt know how to write a proper adress

  10. Wow…someone realy gots mad in here.

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