Many people think that part of what we are is that we have rituals. We, vampires as “SiN” commented on the last post, get to do always the same thing for killing, hunting, stalking, etc. Like if we had some kind of mind disorder.

I do have some rituals, specially for killing. I love to take someone’s life at my torture room, my death temple. When I do it, I like to use a screwdriver. I usually tie the victim to my chair using a rope, and I take some time to finish my job. Not hours, but days. I like to enjoy it calmly, like when we have a delicious meal and we start eating by the borders, leaving the best part to the end.

But the reality is that everyone have rituals. Your routine is filled with it. When you wake up and first wash your face, then make and egg, then brush your teeth, and do the same everyday (usually in the same order). When you dress and prepare yourself to go out, transforming yourself from your workaday self to a more self-confident one. Before going to bed, when you turn off all the lights and computers, lock the door, prepare your clothes and material for the other day.

You’ll notice that you have a lot of rituals. But you have it to feel protected, secure. To help you with your fears.

My rituals are not to protect me from anything. They are more like “best-practices”. I’ve learned with time and experience what I enjoy the most. It is extremely pleasant to seek for a new prey, and to observe its everyday routine. And the capture part is so fun, I like to plan it, to imagine and re-imagine what I’m going to do, to think on all the possibilities. With time, I’ve learned the best ways to do it, not just the most effectives, but the most pleasing.
That’s why sometimes I repeat it, not to feel more secure. Not like you.

16 Responses to “Rituals”

  1. Hahaha Jack you are pathetic.

    Explaining yours habilities to to others???C mon…It was funnier play with u…Actually you are not as some time ago ,that you just talk about death,and killing…and change killing for living…c mon jack…give me some action.

    Your time is coming.As you got more ridiculous I get closer to you.When I caugh you I will fisnish with you with my own hands.You are a serial killer,so I’ll have to become one too, and finish with all this history.

    Then I ‘ll make you suffer like all your victims untill now.I can t wait to see your terrified face when you get face to face to the death.

    This will be very cool.And it s not far.

    Check your window,maybe I m already outside just watching you.

    • Yeah, we are almost the same.
      You are not even close.

      • Almost the same??

        Don t compare me with you jack.

        You are just an insane man,that kill for pleasure and joy.

        In my case, I ll kill your for the peace.

        But don t think that you will die in the same time that I catch you…no…after i find you…I will arrest you and make you suffer in the name of all your victims…and them,when you start to face a natural death, I ll bring it faster for you.

        NEVER MORE compare me with you,..I am a human ,you are not.

  2. Girly Girl Says:

    You openned my eyes, i didnt realized my routine is in fact a ritual i do everyday.
    But you are wrong in one thing, i dont do it to feel me more secure, im like you JACKy, yes, like you, im not afraid, not now not anymore.

  3. What now???

    Now I have two crazy things to play with???
    Another toy for me??

    Is she your new partner Jack??

    Or just a new fan??

    Well Little girl, if you are joining Jack, I won t have another choise then be after you too.And be sure that in your case will be easier to stop you.

    I say this words in the name of all agents of the Intelligence and Surveillance Agency.We will catch you Jack,you and if necessary your little fans.

    Sorry girl,but if you aren’t with us,then you are against us.

    • paperclip Says:

      you now have 3 “toys”, friend.

    • Girly Girl Says:

      You are coming after me? ha, ha, ha. Dare you, double dare you.
      Easier to stop? are you serious? we will see who is easier to stop.
      You will never catch JACK, neither me.

    • DJ Mortik Says:

      I agree….you wont catch him…and you know it….you call us toys but let me tell you something….we are the puppetiers….you are on Jacks strings…all of you little intellence and surveillance agency fucks…….and we are his stage….girly and i…..his crew…his audience…..and you are the entertainment….

  4. Wow, you beleive this

  5. J.A.C.K. im proud your eyes are opening. These mindless civilians live everyday in a permanent disexistance. they are midless cows for the slaughter. These fakes as “Bru” tries to be think that playing these stupid games is going to even phase our kind. These blogs and broadcasts people post across the internet are just flakes of our thoughts being burdened on humanity. These “soldiers” like Bru think their efforts will have any effect on what we do… they are wrong. Even if by some god sent miracle Bru really does find us it wont accomplish anything. He will only burn 3 ants on a pile. J.A.C.K. i can only hope for the day your thirst becomes a reality. The necessity of having blood makes killing so much better. Its like going from kissing to sex. The ecstacy will rule your world. Dont let them get you down J.A.C.K. your not insane… your normal in our world. Best of wishes my new friend

  6. is this a joke?

  7. 🙂 I love you J.A.C.K.

  8. Wow you blog is intense and I like it sort of. Check out my site and I will be around here more often now.

  9. You’ll never catch him…as he does’nt exist! lol

  10. owlhead0321 Says:

    Well, looks like you got a following Jack.
    Since I used to plan out these sort of things in my head when I was in the hospital, I know that people have rituals, for the people who sat next to me it was taking drugs. For you, it’s killing apparently, but for me it was just a phase. It’s easy to connect with your character because he brings up moral questioning a lot. Sadly, for you, I don’t think it’s a phase. It’s just a selfish need you ask for. You murder because your body needs it, like the ritual of getting up and brushing your teeth, dressing for work, etc.. But now, it looks like you can’t get over the habit of murdering like I did with meth.
    Jeez, this story brings out the dark side of people.

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