Do you feel compassion or fear the consequences?

I’ve been paying attention on people’s behavior around me and it made me raise a doubt.
What I’ve noticed is that many, many people who haven’t committed a crime or killed someone yet is just because they are afraid of the punishment, and not because they have compassion.
They are afraid of going to jail, or of the hell or of what others would think about it. Most of people aren’t really worried about the suffering they would cause to others, either to the victim or to the victim’s relatives.

I’ve witnessed many times some guys really angry because of stupid things like when they are on traffic, or at bars and night clubs. And when that happens I can see in their eyes that they would kill, that they are ready for it. Their anger is so strong that they want to finish with somebody’s life in the most horrible way.
If you ask them, they would probably answer: “Yes, I would kill this motherf*****!”.

But they don’t go forward because they are afraid of the consequences. If we didn’t have it (laws, religion, etc.), they would kill in a blink. Most people are like this. And it can be easily proved by the lands that have worst law enforcement, which are always the ones with the higher homicide rates.

So what it made me think is that, although everywhere is said that psychopaths don’t feel remorse, that’s why most (of us) are murderers, serial-killers, etc. what I realized is that the real difference is that we are not afraid. Not afraid enough. Of course the government would never spread this “discovery” or idea, because nobody wants to be a “chicken”, so it wouldn’t be good for society.

But stop a little bit and think about it: have you never killed someone because you fill compassion or because you fear the consequences?

17 Responses to “Do you feel compassion or fear the consequences?”

  1. are the crazy guy in all this history.Don t try to pass the guilt to others.We don t kill because we are different from you,we are responsible,we know how much a life cost.Have people that realy are this way you talked,but it s because they are crazy,and so are you.

    If everybody is going on the other way you are walking,just have one meaning, you are the wrong one.

  2. Girly Girl Says:

    Not for compassion but for f.e.a.r. to consequences.
    The good thing is i started to be not afraid, so, i wonder, when ill be brave enough to “do it”? i just dont know.

  3. J.A.C.K. you seem to me like a budding flower. there are others out there like you. we band together and do these things as you do. the agency is also after us. the difference between us is a do what i do out of necessity. i cant survive without blood. im constantly “feeding”. we dont prefer the term vampires but thats what we are. we are the reality not the fiction. i can walk in day light. i NEVER get sick and to date bullets dont hurt me at the cost of killing others. for my life to be preserved by taking anothers thats fine by me. i understand why you do these things, through all this ive killed over 300 people in the last 4 years. Im 18 years old J.A.C.K. welcome to my world. if youd like to talk email me. 🙂 have a nice day jack

  4. … yawn, dude your making me sick to my stomach. Christ dude all you do is fucking talk, get over yourself, or prove something to me… come kill me.

  5. Christopher Columbus Says:

    I think you murdered your writing ability. The formula is dull. Talk about a murder, question motives, illogical paranoia, then you repeat that cycle over and over. If you want to be intriguing you should fake pictures of your victims tied up and being tortured and add realism. Also grow some balls and remove the Disclaimer from the home page. You defeat the entire idea behind this by flat out saying it’s fictional. Put it in fine print for fucks sake. I was semi-interested and within 2 seconds I read that and now it’s a joke. By the way, Men do not write diaries they write journals.

  6. Mr Strange Says:

    I have a plan to send my annoying neighbors a present in the mail, I would deliver it myself when nobody is watching.
    The neighbors open it and inside is a letter, which leads them on a treasure hunt around the town, this would create interest for the whole family so that when the time comes to find their final clue, the whole family would gather around to see what the prize is.
    The prize is a box, and as they remove the lid of the present, a little voice box would shout “HeHeHe” than KABOOM a whole family of loud redneck neighbors would be wiped out!
    Anyone have any advice?

  7. paperclip Says:

    J.A.C.K. , i must say, the way you deal with your victims is quite…entertaining.
    i, like yourself, am not afraid of killing nor am i of the consequences.
    have a wonderful life, my friend.

  8. what i find more amusing then the fact all these people talk of killing people is that they themselves compare themselves to another serial killer saying “yeah im like you”. No your not. none of you will ever be the same. none of you will understand what it means to take a life for the sake of joy. If you really have then you wouldnt brag to the world as you do here. fakes…

  9. ” If you ask them, they would probably answer: “Yes, I would kill this motherf*****!”. ”


  10. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Well, there are lots of people who killed. I saw a whole room of them once. Each one stood up and talked about the reason they killed the person, but they kept on going around WHY they truly did it.
    It’s simple as this.
    There is really no answer to the reason people kill others. We kill over lots of things, coveting, selfishness, and as for you J.A.C.K., insanity. Once you do it, you can’t take it back. But there is always an answer in God, the one who saved me from addiction. And as for others like J.A.C.K., God can save them too. God saved all of them actually.
    It’s funny, isn’t it? For every dark question you bring up, we can answer and relate with in some way. It’s weird…

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