Another one down. Who’s next?

These past weeks I was following a lead to another detective. This time it was a female.
I can’t understand why they are doing it. Why did they join a secret organization to go after me (or another ones)? Why take the risk? Maybe I’m giving them what they seek: death. That’s the most reasonable explanation I found.

With all the material and information that I got from the last murders, I found out about this woman. I discovered where she lived, so I had been carefully watching her daily routine, until this last Tuesday.

I noticed that every Tuesdays and Thursdays at night she had language classes. She was learning French. And it used to end around eight pm. To go back home, she used to go to a street that was way down the place where she studied. It was like if the school was on the top of a hill (small one) and she had to go down it to another street, using a stairway (it was a very urban place though, the place is surrounded by buildings). From there, she walked about two blocks to her bus stop.

Those stairs were the perfect place to strike. It never had anyone going down it, and she was always alone. And it didn’t have anything around, just bushes. The street where it ended was very “fast”, like a highway. And the bus stop, the nearest place with a group of people, was two blocks from there.

I stopped the car a little far from there and waited for the girl on those “stairs”, hiding in one of the bushes. As soon as she passed by me, I came from her back and put her to sleep using chloroform. I carried her down, and hided her sleeping body in a bush, still on the stairs. I got my car, drove to there, got her back very fast, threw in my car, and drove to my “torture room”.

Yes, my torture room. I missed it so much! As things have been really quiet lately, I decided to use it again.

Well, from there I did what I usually do. And I just killed the poor girl on Friday. I needed to “play” sometime with someone, my last murders happened too quick. And I had to satisfy my hunger for real this time.

Her body is already disposed. She didn’t talk much, but I could get some information. Who’s next?

8 Responses to “Another one down. Who’s next?”

  1. Girly Girl Says:

    Im glad you finally got someone. Poor girl, i almost feel compassion for her, almost. I wonder how you finished her? how? im really curious about, may i know?
    See ya, honey!

  2. You are a sick fuck…What the fuck…

  3. notavictim Says:

    From reading some of your posts it sounds like you dont believe you are a sick man. Is that true? If so I think you are fooling yourself. Dont get me wrong, I couldnt care less what you do to people…I am a sick man too.

  4. you know what i am a sick person too, me and master cheif killed thousands of covenent

  5. J.A.C.K be nimble.
    J.A.C.K. be quick.
    J.A.C.K. jump over the candle stick.

    I see plastic in your future, J.A.C.K.
    A lot of plastic and pallet wrap.

  6. I like your illiteration J.A.C.K.

    So, what DOES J.A.C.K stand for?

    Just A Common Killer?
    That’s pretty legit, but please,
    be a little smart and instead of this:

    ” I carried her down, and |hided| her sleeping body in a bush, still on the stairs.”

    Use “hid” honey.
    It’s makes you sound much more evil.
    MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH (shall I keep going?)
    more smart and evil.

    i love you bye.

  7. Yo jack u aint shit boi ill have you coughing up teeth when i smack you in the face with this rusty iron bar. sleep tight.

  8. Owlhead0321 Says:

    As for the people who are like, pretending their detectives, and the people who know this is fake, let them have their fun! J.A.C.K. is a character we can all connect too in one way, and people like B.R.U. and Rafael are just playing along. They obviously know that.

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