Increasing Hate (or hunger?)

Do you know those days when you wake with the desire to kill anyone that gets in your way?

I have this feeling too. I mean, I’ve seen on TV, on documentaries about psychopaths and serial-killers, psychologists talking about how this kind of people (my kind, I guessed) don’t have feelings. Most of us don’t get emotionally attached to anyone, and we all just pretend to be normal, to feel, to have emotions.

It is true, I pretend to be someone else to the outer world. If I let my mask slip, I’ll probably end up in jail. People are still not ready to understand me. But I have some kind of feelings. Mostly hate tough.

So today I woke like this. With hate. You must have experienced it sometime. Maybe it is caused by a bad dream, or if you are under a lot of stress, or maybe it is just the hormones. On those days, the first one that steps on your foot, you feel like killing!

Well, at least that’s me with hate. I woke up, I was crossing a street to get to the market, and a guy riding a motorcycle passed really close to me (almost over me). Couldn’t he see me? Did he want to scare me? Teach me a lesson maybe? Well, all I know is that I pictured how I could have killed him in a thousand of different ways. None was painfully enough.

It was one of many occasions today.

I differ it from my natural hunger because when I’m with the urge to kill I want to kill anyone, don’t matter if they ever did something to me. I even prefer if they have never seem me before, and me, them. But today, I was with hate.

And then, I noticed: It has been two weeks, fourteen days since my last murder. It is like if I was looking for an excuse, a reason to satisfy my need. One little sparkle was all I need. Luckily I didn’t fall for it: one “justified” murder is all it takes to be caught.

So… Was it real hate? Or hate happens like this to anyone?

16 Responses to “Increasing Hate (or hunger?)”

  1. You know… At some point I almost thought you were a normal person… Like me… But it seems like you are searching for a reason to release your inner feelings. Your “ID” (as discribed by Freud) has no power over you… And that makes you different… We’re NOT like you… And we’re NOT afraid…

  2. Girly Girl Says:

    Because of my restless dreams im always angry, with hate and hate happens to me like you say all the time, it became something normal.
    I dont like hate, but hate keeps me alive and my hate will make them pay, indeed.
    P.S: please be patient, im sure you will find a victim soon.

  3. Everything is kinda calm actually…

    • Don’t worry, your time will come.

      • Oh realy???

        Maybe yours will come first…

        Dont leave for later what you can do right now.

        If you didn t do it yet….it s because you are not able to.

        But don t worry jack…we are coming after you.

      • marcel_miller Says:

        “time will come” …”your” …lol whata fuck!?! hey fuckface get a job or go eat some pizza
        WATCH fight club(1999) with Brad Pitt primitive son of a whore

        oh hey do you know lol who is Brad Pitt?

      • you are brilliant! You have everything so planned out and organized with the way you want them to be tortured and you plan they’re deaths so nicely. It’s beautiful.

  4. I think you were in a bad mood. It happens.

  5. This one’s mine. B.R.U.
    I don’t need no jurisdiction.

  6. Woahwhee Says:

    Is this for real??

  7. Nightmare Says:

    Haha, happens to me sometimes too. Just feel like picking up an SMG and going Rambo ^_^

  8. DJ Mortik Says:

    You fools think its a game…..Bru and Dexter….you have no mind and no snese of security if you think you can find him….or me for that matter. Jack is becoming a god and you….cannot…..stop him.

  9. owlhead0321 Says:

    It happens. We wake up and we think bad things too just to let off steam that we have to get up and go to work when we could be sleeping in our bed softly. Our mind just searches for that to let off steam.
    (p.s. I think Jack’s starting to get weaker. If he keeps on killing just because that voice inside tells him too, he won’t be able to escape it. The hunger will consume him, until he won’t be able to get rid of it. He’ll have to go out, murder someone, and no one can stop him cause he’s TOO GOOD! He’s the best, and his hunger must be satisfied!
    That’s when he”ll slip up.

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