How I feel after I kill

Last week’s murders made me feel so good! As I always feel after I kill someone. I was thinking about that… It’s like if I had one more carnal necessity.
People in general feels hungry, thirsty, etc. And if we can’t fulfill these necessities, we loose our mind. We get temporarily irrational until we satiate it. We turn into savage animals. It can be called “survival instinct”.

I was born with one extra survival necessity. I don’t kill just because I want to. I need to. And it is not an addiction, because even when I was a kid and still didn’t know the real, dirty world we live in, I had this desire. And I’ve always wondered if it is just me… Am I a natural predator, or all we are? Maybe some of us have control over it or learn how to suppress this feeling or even live its life with an eternal need.

I’m blood thirsty. I’m hungry for flesh. I’ve always been. And as days passes by, and I don’t get to fulfill my needs, I begin to get more and more savage. It takes control of my mind, and then everyone that I see passing by me begins to look like a potential corpse.

So last week, as I watched the girl’s blood flooding the kitchen, her open throat, her husband’s panic face, the knife getting into his stomach, the life coming out of his eyes, it made me feel so alive, so satiated! It’s just like when you are almost starving and you get to eat. It’s a mix of relief with pleasure. I could do this all day long. And after a couple of hours, I need more.

But it has already been a week…

6 Responses to “How I feel after I kill”

  1. Girly Girl Says:

    Fascinating what you say. This need is present in all of us, in stand-by mode, waiting to be activated for some reason or someone we hate.
    I think it’s a matter of control, auto-control, but eventually oneself surrender before the needs you talk, indeed.
    Lately i’ve repressed this “need”, i satisfied it in fantasies, but it starts to take control of me, it comes to me in dreams… i think i will… hmm… surrenderrrr.

    • marcel_miller Says:

      stfu bitch

      • DJ Mortik Says:

        marcel… must not have the morals of a man to be able to speak to a woman like that….girly girl is wise just as jack is……and almino… heed to your desires makes you stronger….you need food….water….and air…..those who are like Jack and i just NEED to take life to live…

  2. Succumbing to every inner need… That’s a sign of weakness…

  3. Almino said it right.
    Calm, Control, Thorough. Everything the Code stands for.
    J.A.C.K. is just small game. For a guy like me, he certainly lacks needed qualities.

  4. owlhead0321 Says:

    Yes, a flaw of our killer is pride. He always tells everyone he’s great at what he’s done. But really, he’s not. Just succumbing to a inner need like aLMINo said. Plus, he’s starting to sound too cocky and careless. It’s like his world just get’s smaller and smaller everyday. Smaller and smaller….

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