Two more murders

For the past few weeks my focus have been the detectives from this organization which is after me. I’ll kill one by one before they get too close.

I have been using what I have to connect with some of the “agents”, build a relationship with them and build some trust. I was able to infiltrate one of their communication channels (this one here) plus I found some direct ways to contact some of them.

I was in touch with one of the “detectives” specifically for some time.

But I was always very careful about raising any kind of suspicion on me. I would never, for example, arrange a meeting as a way to kill the guy, because it would be too obvious and they would probably connect the dots and find me very quick. I never asked too much, or came too close, because I wanted to be just another guy from the organization, one that he would never care to mention to anyone, just another regular detective.

And I waited… Until he gave me something.

Last Thursday this guy told me that some people were going to get together on the weekend for an online conference and he wouldn’t be able because he was going to travel with his wife to a country house, with no internet access. And he told me the city he was going to. I felt it was the perfect occasion to his death.

At that time, I had already discovered where he lived. So I waited at his address and carefully followed them to this country house. It was isolated from everything.

I couldn’t use the same technique to kill that I used last time because the detectives would know there was a killer after them. On my last murder they couldn’t even identify that it was a murder, they thought it was just an accident (as I had planned). If I repeated it, I would turn into the “incendiary serial-killer”, and it wouldn’t be the perfect crime anymore.

So I used a different approach. At night, I broke into that country house very quietly. I opened the door with a technique I learned some time ago, using different keys of the same manufacturer… And I waited, hiding in the kitchen with a big knife (one that I got in the place). After a couple of hours, the woman came down to drink water or eat something in the kitchen. As soon as she got into there, I cut her throat with a knife. She never saw it coming! It was beautiful to watch all that blood coming out, painting in red all the kitchen’s floor.

After one hour, the guy (the detective) went downstairs to see why his wife was taking so long to come back. I was waiting for him. He passed through me in the living room, and went to the kitchen. I waited him to see his dead wife in the floor, and all that blood. He got in panic, and as soon as he went out the kitchen, I stabbed him in the stomach. It took some minutes for him to die, and I watched his body until I was sure he was dead.

I took some of their belongings: wallets, cell phone, watches, jewelry; to simulate a robbery. And I took off. I drove to his house (not the country one), opened it with his keys, copied all the information he had on the computer, deleted some stuff so the cops wouldn’t know about this secret organization (or about me), closed the door, and went back home. Then I got rid of the stuff I robbed, throwing it in the river.

I didn’t got a chance to torture and all this thing that I like, but I it was really cool to see his horrified face. I had fun, and it satisfied my hunger. For now.

2 Responses to “Two more murders”

  1. He is brilliant

  2. Are you really a killer??? I think you are, but my friend just thinks your a writer.

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