Back to my hunting. I’m following the clues I found on the last detective’s house to get to the other agents. I already know how to find some of the people involved, but I’m waiting for the right time to attack.

I’ve started planning my strategy based on what I have, but to get more information about the whole thing I’m thinking that maybe I’ll use these guys to help me infiltrate, so I’ll have to wait until they are not useful to me anymore to kill them.

And these killings have to be very well planned as my last one was: if the cops find about this organization and its objective, they are going to go after me.

I haven’t taken a life for a couple of weeks now, it is going to be difficult to wait… But I have learned that planning is everything in this “business”. One mistake, and the fun can end for a long time (if not forever). Plus I love this planning process, even with all my hunger. I’ve already pictured myself killing all of them in a 1,000 of different ways.

And fortunately, one thing is clear to me: these people have no idea with who they are messing with. I have experience in killing for a lot of years now, since I was a child, what about them? They don’t even know how I look like, I found out they don’t know if I’m tall or short, thin or fat, black or white. They will never see me coming. I can be at your side right now, playing with you, how would you know? Anytime you will notice it, but it’s going to be too late.

8 Responses to “Hunting”

  1. Cool man

  2. these are good fake stories gj man


    I really think this could turn out to be best seller book i love it and very cool stuff here!! rock on!!

  4. Christopher Columbus Says:

    I don’t like the writing and the tutorial for the game just seems way too weird and confusing. I don’t see how the blog and the game work together…and what happens when someone finally finds jack??? is it all over?

    I listened to the Mindflow music and i must say it’s definitely good. I’m more into that. I think it’s the “Diary” thing that’s making me angry…..angry enough to kill perhaps??! DUN DUN DUNNNNN….no..not really

  5. DJ Mortik Says:

    Oh Jack…these arent fake…they couldnt be…too much passion for the ending of life gives an almost unreal ecstasy like that of an erection or sexual encounter….Jack…do you feel these things?

  6. If you are pychotic I will notice the garbled speech, twitching, pupils unfocusing then dilating rapidly, jumpiness…..

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