My Torture Room

Just after I had escaped from that hospital I found my actual Torture Room. The one I still use today. In there I feel at home, I mean, really at home.
Where I live, by that I refer to the place I sleep, eat, rest and show to others, feels like a scenario to me. A scenario for the role I play for the world. The so-called “normal world”, the life of appearances where inside four walls most people have a second personality. (What is normal in that?) Thinking like that I can see I’m not that different.

Back to my torture room. I found it kind by accident. When I was escaping from that place, I had nowhere to go. Luckily I found an abandoned place where I could disappear for some time and that right away became my beautiful torture room (I guess some people have already discovered how I got there). Many have already seem, experienced and felt it. None survived.

Every time I kill someone in there, the place gets more powerful. I don’t really believe in souls, but I’ve noticed that death leaves some kind of energy. The kind I like. And every day that place seems to become more beautiful. And it brings so many memories back to me…

Right now I can’t use it. It has already been found two times by that secret organization that is after me, and I don’t want to risk to lose it. I can’t be sure if it is under surveillance or not, so I’m kind of cautious until I find those detectives. You can be sure many of them will meet it. You maybe will get to know it.

If you want to take a pick how it feels in there, follow this link and the instructions in it: torture room

3 Responses to “My Torture Room”

  1. hey jack…nothing new to tell us?

  2. DJ Mortik Says:

    Bru let him do his passion…leave the stupid comments to yourself or take a screwdriver to the ear?

  3. Owlhead0321 Says:

    This is horrible. You remind me of Hannibal Lecter.

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