Secret Organization

Now I’m ready to go after the ones that are chasing me. Two are already down.
I usually don’t need and don’t like having a reason to kill, as people can start to connect bodies to me, but this secret agency got too close.

I won’t write it down everything I had find out on my last “investigation”, but something I can tell is that it is an international secret agency which is after me. Although they are all connected to the same agency, they seem to be disconnected from any governmental organization, and one agent don’t necessary talk to others, as I suspected. It’s like if it had a prize for my head. I really don’t know how it happened.

So before they find me again, I will find them. One by one. I have a plan already.
After killing them all, I will make sure I erase anything that could lead the police to discover about this organization: I won’t leave any clues.
I won’t leave any hope as well.

Another thing is that I suspect the CIA is involved somehow, but if they knew enough I would already know. Anyway, I better take care.

I should stop using my own torture room for some time now… I don’t know if I can but I will try. But if someone finds it again, I will have to make he or she experience it.

4 Responses to “Secret Organization”

  1. lol u really think u r that important to the CIA

    hehehehe i will Admit that u have a great Imagination or u just a funny man

    WAKE UP no one care about u just the cops and MAYBE the FBI

    u just tiny rat and u once they catch u every one will 4get u just like that

  2. the more you kill the bigger your mark on history

  3. i need help with someone Says:

    well i have somone who is ruining my life and i need to know how to get him to leave me the fuck alone

  4. Yumi Misaki Says:

    i like your killing tactics…i might try some myself…

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