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Back to my hunting. I’m following the clues I found on the last detective’s house to get to the other agents. I already know how to find some of the people involved, but I’m waiting for the right time to attack.

I’ve started planning my strategy based on what I have, but to get more information about the whole thing I’m thinking that maybe I’ll use these guys to help me infiltrate, so I’ll have to wait until they are not useful to me anymore to kill them.

And these killings have to be very well planned as my last one was: if the cops find about this organization and its objective, they are going to go after me.

I haven’t taken a life for a couple of weeks now, it is going to be difficult to wait… But I have learned that planning is everything in this “business”. One mistake, and the fun can end for a long time (if not forever). Plus I love this planning process, even with all my hunger. I’ve already pictured myself killing all of them in a 1,000 of different ways.

And fortunately, one thing is clear to me: these people have no idea with who they are messing with. I have experience in killing for a lot of years now, since I was a child, what about them? They don’t even know how I look like, I found out they don’t know if I’m tall or short, thin or fat, black or white. They will never see me coming. I can be at your side right now, playing with you, how would you know? Anytime you will notice it, but it’s going to be too late.

My Torture Room

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Just after I had escaped from that hospital I found my actual Torture Room. The one I still use today. In there I feel at home, I mean, really at home.
Where I live, by that I refer to the place I sleep, eat, rest and show to others, feels like a scenario to me. A scenario for the role I play for the world. The so-called “normal world”, the life of appearances where inside four walls most people have a second personality. (What is normal in that?) Thinking like that I can see I’m not that different.

Back to my torture room. I found it kind by accident. When I was escaping from that place, I had nowhere to go. Luckily I found an abandoned place where I could disappear for some time and that right away became my beautiful torture room (I guess some people have already discovered how I got there). Many have already seem, experienced and felt it. None survived.

Every time I kill someone in there, the place gets more powerful. I don’t really believe in souls, but I’ve noticed that death leaves some kind of energy. The kind I like. And every day that place seems to become more beautiful. And it brings so many memories back to me…

Right now I can’t use it. It has already been found two times by that secret organization that is after me, and I don’t want to risk to lose it. I can’t be sure if it is under surveillance or not, so I’m kind of cautious until I find those detectives. You can be sure many of them will meet it. You maybe will get to know it.

If you want to take a pick how it feels in there, follow this link and the instructions in it: torture room

Murder without remorse

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I have been thinking about my childhood these days. Usually when things happened to me, like when I heard that somebody had died or had suffered an accident, or even when I had a “date”, I didn’t feel a thing. I was never sad or happy. But I could notice how people behaved on those situations, and I thought it was something they’d learned. So I used to think I didn’t know how I should feel because I was still too young.

So I started to observe and learn how I was expected to answer to every situation, so I could copy it. The movies were one of the sources to my learning process. I didn’t pretend anything just because I knew I had to hide who I really was, but because I thought everyone was just like me and that was the normal thing to do, to pretend emotions.

Now that I’m an adult, with all my experience, I’m still not sure if people can actually feel what they show or if they’ve learned it just like me. I mean, I’ve watched on documentaries and read on books about serial killers that the main difference about me and the “normal” are the emotions, that psychopaths don’t have feelings. And I am really like this.
But sometimes I think if in reality people in general don’t mix their feelings with what they are expected to feel. If they don’t pretend it just like me to seen like the others. If it is just something they were taught.

It’s not the first time I question it to myself because that’s something I really would like to know. The real difference between me and the “others” maybe is just a very thin line. It doesn’t really matter to me, it will make no difference to my life, but that’s a big curiosity I have.

To the crazy, the normal is crazy. Who are the “normal” in our world? Should I really be condemned and persecuted or follow? That’s something you should ask to yourself and learn with your instincts. And if you can, share with me.

Secret Organization

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Now I’m ready to go after the ones that are chasing me. Two are already down.
I usually don’t need and don’t like having a reason to kill, as people can start to connect bodies to me, but this secret agency got too close.

I won’t write it down everything I had find out on my last “investigation”, but something I can tell is that it is an international secret agency which is after me. Although they are all connected to the same agency, they seem to be disconnected from any governmental organization, and one agent don’t necessary talk to others, as I suspected. It’s like if it had a prize for my head. I really don’t know how it happened.

So before they find me again, I will find them. One by one. I have a plan already.
After killing them all, I will make sure I erase anything that could lead the police to discover about this organization: I won’t leave any clues.
I won’t leave any hope as well.

Another thing is that I suspect the CIA is involved somehow, but if they knew enough I would already know. Anyway, I better take care.

I should stop using my own torture room for some time now… I don’t know if I can but I will try. But if someone finds it again, I will have to make he or she experience it.