Perfect Crime: Part II

To wake the guy, I stabbed a knife into his leg. He was gagged, but he opened his eyes screaming inside. I didn’t want to take my chances of having him calling the attention of the neighbors, so I “interviewed” him, having my answers written on a piece of paper. I didn’t get much, but I didn’t want much more from him.

I made him suffer a lot. All I had in the end was his torso, in half, the members apart, and a disfigured head. It was already morning when I finished, 3 hours before he used to go to work, just as I had programmed.

So I carefully cleaned all the basement, not leaving a single hair.
Then I threw “him” in the kitchen’s floor, turned on the gas, and programmed a “detonator” I prepared to fire in about 45 minutes. And I sneaked out, taking care to don’t be noticed (as it was 5 in the morning, the city was still sleeping).

Just as I planned: BUM! After some minutes the firearm arrived and found a destroyed kitchen, a vaporized body and a house on fire.
And what the police must have figured is that the guy woke up, started to prepare his breakfast, leaving the coffee or something else on the fire and went to take a shower or to dress up, to prepare to go to work. The wind or something must have ceased the flame, the gas was kept open. When he got to the kitchen, the gas was so strong he passed out. And any spark caused it to explode. And I dare anyone to prove it wrong.

Now I gonna search for his friends.

6 Responses to “Perfect Crime: Part II”

  1. Bastard s.o.a.b.!


    ahh now jack… that was perfect i just love your work. only one step closer to your goal

  3. yea you got talent man, id fuck you up but but ill admit you got skills.

  4. LOL. WTF. Says:

    You astonish me youngin’.

    Because I don’t know.

    You know how to burn the shiet out of people.
    (: If you were real, and people WERE looking for you.
    I’d set your death in your OWN torture room.

    ilu. bye.

  5. DJ Mortik Says:

    now now everyone….LAURA….i believe this man has brilliant tlaents and a fabulous way of expressing them!!! Jack….kill laura

  6. Owlhead0321 Says:

    You my friend, are an artist.
    When I first started off, I just thought you were a small, petty murderer killing because you wanted too. Heh. Guess I was wrong.

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