I’ll come after you

Looking through the “evidences” of that detective’s car, I found a telephone number written on a piece of paper. I still don’t know why it was there, or if it has anything to do with that episode in my torture room, but I’m willing to check it out. I need a new prey anyway.
With this number, I managed to find out who owned the line, and an address.

So I have been studying all the movements of this house for a week, waiting for the best moment to strike.
It seems that a single guy lives in there. I still haven’t seem anything suspicious happening, as the guy just get out to work on a rigid daily routine. Apparently he works on a computer factory, but everyday, after 7pm, he is at home. I could notice that some of the nights he was spending on the computer, maybe looking for me. Maybe not. But it doesn’t matter, I’ve already chosen my next victim.

This time I’ll have to make it look like the guy disappeared because of an accident, or on free will, because if someone discover he was killed, they could find out about this organization and investigation and link this to me. Then I would get more people after me, what can be difficult to manage.

As they say, the best crime is the one that nobody even get to know it ever happened. But unfortunately this doesn’t apply for the victim, and I’m going to make sure this poor guy get to know it very clearly.

5 Responses to “I’ll come after you”

  1. […] spent the last week studying the routine of this guy, so I knew that every week day, at 7pm, he would be back home from work. On Thursday, around 5pm, I […]

  2. ^



    On Thursday, around 5pm, I waited for the poor man to walk in the door and silently killed the man in hes sleep… thats what i would have done jack…
    would u have done it differently if u you or would u change it?? im sure u can think of another way to kill the SOB right budd?

  4. PersianHomo Says:

    Jack I love u don’t get away from me my love. xoxo

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