My best is my worst

I was looking again through the material I found into the car of that last agent.
And I found some clues that can lead me to this so called “secret organization”, at least to some people involved on this. I already know it is called “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency”, but it seems that it is not involved with the government, as if it was an independent group of detectives.
Who the hell they think they are to go after me like this? To get into my temple?
I guess they want to take the place of my victims, so I will give it what they want.

One thing that I know how to do is to kill. I’ve been doing it for years: killed so many people and I’m still free to keep it up. I know that for most of people it is wrong, so that’s why I say that my best is my worst. It is for you.

I usually go after random victims for many reasons. One of them is that it makes it really difficult to link my murders to me. I don’t leave any kind of “signatures”, so even if I am suspect of one death, my past won’t be in my way. Another reason is that I find it more exciting: I can see in their face the fear I cause as their lives (or deaths) suddenly takes a completely different direction.

But if these “agents” don’t have a backup, they better watch out! My cruelty hasn’t got to its top level, but it is about to happen. I know how to cause pain because I enjoy it. I’ve never had mercy to anyone, or remorse or doubts. All my deaths are perfect. So it will be yours.

9 Responses to “My best is my worst”

  1. David Tennet Says:

    Hello, Jack… It seems as though you found a link to us… Well I’m David Tennet, the leader of this “Man-Hunt”. You want to come out yet? You can still call us at: 1 (800) 457-3390, Report yourself in now… Before it’s too late, Because trust me… When we find you, we wont have any second thoughts to what about it… Hard more people… Make ME your next victim, Thats if you can find me… Maybe it’s too much to tell you my full name? Maybe you can trace back this I.P.? I dont give a shit, I just want your ass in court and away from civillians…

  2. What the…?

  3. David i hve soem important informations about j.a.c.k. sed me me an e

  4. some important informations send me an e mail*

  5. where are you???

    Is there you hidding under bed??


    i think he just gave hemself a ticket to a lot pf pain for yah think jack?? for me give hem a slow and unforgetable death that will forever play back in hes mind!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!

  7. PersianHomo Says:

    Jack, my heart is broken because of you but we WILL do it one last time xoxo

  8. what kind of a retard gives his full name to a serial killer? that is if hes even real… Speaking of which david rent a cop thinks hes badass, when he gets throttled im gonna be laughing. lol

  9. i’m really confused… is this actually real? If so this is creepy (but still cool). Or is this just a really good author?

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