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Perfect Crime: Part II

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To wake the guy, I stabbed a knife into his leg. He was gagged, but he opened his eyes screaming inside. I didn’t want to take my chances of having him calling the attention of the neighbors, so I “interviewed” him, having my answers written on a piece of paper. I didn’t get much, but I didn’t want much more from him.

I made him suffer a lot. All I had in the end was his torso, in half, the members apart, and a disfigured head. It was already morning when I finished, 3 hours before he used to go to work, just as I had programmed.

So I carefully cleaned all the basement, not leaving a single hair.
Then I threw “him” in the kitchen’s floor, turned on the gas, and programmed a “detonator” I prepared to fire in about 45 minutes. And I sneaked out, taking care to don’t be noticed (as it was 5 in the morning, the city was still sleeping).

Just as I planned: BUM! After some minutes the firearm arrived and found a destroyed kitchen, a vaporized body and a house on fire.
And what the police must have figured is that the guy woke up, started to prepare his breakfast, leaving the coffee or something else on the fire and went to take a shower or to dress up, to prepare to go to work. The wind or something must have ceased the flame, the gas was kept open. When he got to the kitchen, the gas was so strong he passed out. And any spark caused it to explode. And I dare anyone to prove it wrong.

Now I gonna search for his friends.

Perfect Crime: Part I

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It’s done. The damnass is dead. And if I wasn’t writing it in here nobody would ever know he was killed.

As I was saying, I suspected this guy was part of the secret organization that was chasing me. I noticed he was working on something through the internet every night.
So I wanted to capture this guy, take my time to look through his stuff after any clues, and then kill him very slowly and painfully to satisfy my needs. But all that in a way that would leave no evidence of a crime, so the cops wouldn’t connect him to me.

The main evidence of a case is the body of the victim. With it the police can find out the cause of death and with it maybe get to the killer. As I wanted to completely disfigure and dismember this guy, I knew I had to destroy the body. Based on that I planned this murder.

I spent the last week studying the routine of this guy, so I knew that every week day, at 7pm, he would be back home from work. On Thursday, around 5pm, I broke into his house by the back door (with so many years of murder, I learned some skills), which I knew was going to be destroyed later because it was on the kitchen. I didn’t want the neighborhood to notice there was somebody into the house, so I waited quietly for him to arrive.

As soon as he got home, I knocked him down with a baseball bat, with a strong hit in his head. He didn’t even saw where it came from, and all that could be heard was a bump. No screams.

I tied him up in a chair as usual, in his basement. While he was sleeping, I copied all his notebook and desktop hard drive, including contacts, history of visited sites, everything… I was going to look at it later.

So at this time I already had him on my hands. I planned to finish my “work” at dawn, sometime before he usually go to work, so nobody would miss him. And that’s what I did.

I’ll come after you

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Looking through the “evidences” of that detective’s car, I found a telephone number written on a piece of paper. I still don’t know why it was there, or if it has anything to do with that episode in my torture room, but I’m willing to check it out. I need a new prey anyway.
With this number, I managed to find out who owned the line, and an address.

So I have been studying all the movements of this house for a week, waiting for the best moment to strike.
It seems that a single guy lives in there. I still haven’t seem anything suspicious happening, as the guy just get out to work on a rigid daily routine. Apparently he works on a computer factory, but everyday, after 7pm, he is at home. I could notice that some of the nights he was spending on the computer, maybe looking for me. Maybe not. But it doesn’t matter, I’ve already chosen my next victim.

This time I’ll have to make it look like the guy disappeared because of an accident, or on free will, because if someone discover he was killed, they could find out about this organization and investigation and link this to me. Then I would get more people after me, what can be difficult to manage.

As they say, the best crime is the one that nobody even get to know it ever happened. But unfortunately this doesn’t apply for the victim, and I’m going to make sure this poor guy get to know it very clearly.

My best is my worst

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I was looking again through the material I found into the car of that last agent.
And I found some clues that can lead me to this so called “secret organization”, at least to some people involved on this. I already know it is called “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency”, but it seems that it is not involved with the government, as if it was an independent group of detectives.
Who the hell they think they are to go after me like this? To get into my temple?
I guess they want to take the place of my victims, so I will give it what they want.

One thing that I know how to do is to kill. I’ve been doing it for years: killed so many people and I’m still free to keep it up. I know that for most of people it is wrong, so that’s why I say that my best is my worst. It is for you.

I usually go after random victims for many reasons. One of them is that it makes it really difficult to link my murders to me. I don’t leave any kind of “signatures”, so even if I am suspect of one death, my past won’t be in my way. Another reason is that I find it more exciting: I can see in their face the fear I cause as their lives (or deaths) suddenly takes a completely different direction.

But if these “agents” don’t have a backup, they better watch out! My cruelty hasn’t got to its top level, but it is about to happen. I know how to cause pain because I enjoy it. I’ve never had mercy to anyone, or remorse or doubts. All my deaths are perfect. So it will be yours.