A very easy way to kill

These past two weeks have been really calm.
Although I know there’s some kind of secret organization after me, I haven’t noticed any different people or moves around. I think they got lost again or just gave up.
So I decided to satisfy my hunger without taking any risks.
I killed by the easiest way.

I went to the street, near a big hotel (but not too close), and stopped the first cab I saw passing by.
I got in, sat on the back seat, pretending I was from out of town so the driver wouldn’t be too cautious. So I gave him an address that I had written on a piece of paper.
The destination was in a good neighborhood, but I knew exactly what streets we would have to pass through. One of them was a kind of road, very quiet, with no stores or houses around.

At the first traffic light we stopped at this street, I strangled the driver and put him to sleep.
Then I drove the cab into the woods and killed him, very slowly as usual.
Finally, I set the car on fire and left. I had to walk a little bit, far from the road, but it is better than to risk taking a bus or another taxi and get marked.

I was paying attention if the driver communicated anything with the central, luckily this one didn’t even gave the destination. But even if he did, that address didn’t have anything to do with me.

Pretty easy, with no risks! Beautiful! Not what I do as usual, but fun.

9 Responses to “A very easy way to kill”

  1. kah heart Says:

    Kill yourself, NOW!!!

  2. We didn t give up jack!!!

    Open your eyes and be aware!

  3. 3ntElw comment1 ,


    ahh *starts to clap hands* wonderfull.. wolderful love it… B.R.U.. eat your heart out!

  5. PersianHomo Says:

    Jack and I Broke up yesterday after doing the scissors. But I still love u xoxo

  6. this guys creative man, is this real?

  7. JACKIE wuz up brutha im just here to let err body in da club no i aint black but lets serious now jack u r a very creative young man or old man i dont know much about u…. bt seriously makin up this fake blog and pretending to be a detective and makin up comment like we will get you jack is just a little over the top u r very creative u could make horror movies but please sttop foolin people into think ur a some sort of “serial killer” and move on take a walk outside get a girlfriend i bid you farewell

  8. The easiest way to kill is to kill a homeless or a hooker, because no one investigates this cabby probably had a family, as did every other person you kill, and they all want you, do you think you’re smarter than twenty people, you nmay evade capture, but hey only need to be lucky once.

  9. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been through this.
    I’m not making this up. I actually took a class to help me fight an impulse to take a drug. One of the classes was actually to fight the urge to murder. Once I wanted to kill someone. And like I said, it’s easy once you think about it in a way. Because ANYONE can do it. And I know I’ve been kinda weird. Just an episode. But you’re blog can really bring out a part of us that embraces the darkness inside.

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