Urge to kill

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with no escape?
Have you ever been sure that your inevitable death would come soon, and with a lot of suffering?
What about having your body and mind so compromised that even if you had a chance to survive, you knew you would never be the same?

Someday you will feel it, either by my hands or in another situation. It’s life.
So what if I don’t feel compassion for people in this situation, why would that make me a monster? And that’s probably the main difference between you and me.
Not the will to kill, not the cruelty or the hunger for blood. The compassion, the remorse. At least, that’s what the psychologists say.

Since I was a child I had this impulse to kill. I knew it was wrong, because was told, but I also knew that someday I would succumb. And if I tell you what my childhood was like, you would never believe me, but maybe you would understand me.
And how many people like me aren’t out there, in this inapt world?
How many screwed up kids? All I see are a lot of hypocrites that are in a thin line to succumb to their true desires. That’s why I can’t be judged, not by you.

I have already been through all these feelings: I saw my death many times. The thing is that I was never afraid of. Death for me is natural and beautiful, as it should be for everyone.
That’s why I wouldn’t spare you from it.

15 Responses to “Urge to kill”

  1. Rafael(K) Says:

    “What about having your body and mind so compromised that even if you had a chance to survive, you knew you would never be the same?”
    That is a situation to really think of. Maybe the day we meet will be like this.

    The compassion make me fell alive, so would i leave this? Maybe i alredy have this hunger as well, but i have too a will to love. So you decide to fake this will to love, and i take the opposite way. I don´t wanna that this have to be this way.

    I don´t wanna judge you. But i would like to know your childhood, can you tell me?

  2. Sua hora esta chegando!
    Estou próximo!
    Nos veremos em breve J.A.C.K.

  3. Your time is coming!
    I’m next!
    See you soon J.A.C.K.

  4. Just try to regain your belief on the mankind… And you will see a diferent world…

  5. It’s getting closer the momnet that YOU will fell the death close to you.Be ready jack…a man like you usually cries like a poor girl when faces the death…poor little boy

  6. I understand what you are talking about. I feel like I was born to be a killer too.


    jack.. i to hunger for blood.. i to now want to feats on another humans blood!! i know your not even scard and i think its time to show Rafael a fist hand and fist person view of what u do to people like hem.

  8. i understand

  9. I watched my mother being murdered.
    My stepfather taught me how to channel my urges.
    Now I tell you lesser forms of filth. The wannabes to learn this too.
    As for J.A.C.K., he lost his chance.
    No standards. No rules. It’s all wrong. Maybe if he was reared differently as a child. We could work together. Share a beer. But he past the bounds of true corruption.
    As for now, I like this game.

  10. PersianHomo Says:

    Don’t worry jack I’ll always be there for you, by heart, by mind, by soul, and by the bed for u. xoxo

  11. TOm THE REAPER Says:

    Jack, I feel angry. I want to also destroy. But I want it to find me. I want a man to come to me and try to attack me first. I sleep with my knife every night hoping someone will creep threw my door so I could stab him to his death. I dont want to stop my teeth cringe of the thought if breaking arms and cutting skin. Is this what you feel? What should I do? Should I get rid of it?

  12. airborne Says:

    this is to the fucker that is using dexter as his user name.

    “I watched my mother being murdered.
    My stepfather taught me how to channel my urges.” that´s from the tv show you idiot and the thing of the rules too you fucking moron

    • Whataretard Says:

      I’m pretty sure that guy is role playing
      how does that make him a “fucking moron”?
      considering all this is fake why not have someone post more fake shit?
      I’m glad you caught it, but it makes you look like a dumb shit.

  13. haha you fucking retard. this is not real. interesting fiction though. you should be a writer. 😛

  14. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Jack, you’re right. Death is marvelous.
    And like I said before. Killing someone can be easy. Once you do it, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget.

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