Natural born killers

My hunger for blood is increasing every day.
As I kill, I feel the need to kill again in a shorter space of time, every time.
Where will that end?

And during my spare time, I suffer because I have to work hard to pretend to be like the others, and every time I have to work harder for it.
Sometimes I wonder if people like me are the only ones who have to carry this weight, to pretend to have emotions to fit in, or if everyone does the same but in different degrees.

I say that because I find it weird that everybody may have the same kind of emotions in same situations. I wonder if it’s not learned by education, movies, culture, etc.
Even because when most of the normal people are alone, they turn out to be complete freaks.

Is remorse real, or something that is learned?
Why has death been primordial for survival since the beginning? Aren’t we really supposed to kill other people? So why does the whole world always find a way to keep it up, with wars and derivates?
Why do the most famous (virtual) games involve killing?

Maybe we are all born as monsters by nature, but we learn to fake a whole different character to fit into society.
And maybe I’m different for not faking it all the time. In the end, I am what I am.
And I’m not afraid of it.

As it is, right now I’m looking for a new victim.
Maybe this time I’ll just sit a little bit and wait in my torture room for another genius to find me alone like the last time.

11 Responses to “Natural born killers”

  1. the answer is beyond your mirror

  2. Rafael(K) Says:

    We carry some weight, your´s is not more heavy than my or someone else, is just ways to see. Is hard to look and understand the others because we are so blind by our own mind, and for the same reason,we can´t understand fully ourselves.

    Killing can be a instinct of survivor in a short period. But take a look at creatures that don´t have influence of movies or costumes, they stay together to survive.
    Unfortunately, we have been exposed to a big quantity of violence every day, and forget of how we need the others.
    Seem that you forgot this.. look how your own acts are contradictory, you say that you need to kill, than you satisfact you hunger. But than this hunger come back, and stronger, and you need allways more… you will dry the font, and then what?

  3. PersianHomo Says:

    Oh baby I’m here you’ll never have to feel pain again, love u all the time xoxo

  4. hahapleaseeeeeee Says:

    omggg fuking kill marissa marjorie chapman please she lives in french hill thats a street in nashua new hampshire her number iss 1603 8094201 wen i find out her adress ill let yu knoww but seriousllyyy do itt mannn

  5. airborne Says:

    “no emotions” you want to be a real life dexter or wtf. kill yourself or let me kill you. i would kill you with a quick shot in the head because i´m not sick

    • Dexter has a code. This guy is just pathetic.
      As for you, you’re just a lot of missed placed emotions.
      You’d shoot a man in the head and say your not sick?
      Too bad stupidity is not a crime. Or maybe you’d meet my own personal Code.

  6. I would let you torture me in every way possible.
    : D In bed that is.
    Then you can kill me.
    ; D

  7. what u hunger on blood..get real what are u the evil edward cullan???

  8. J.A.C.K. you are not just a killer. You have Antisocial Personality Disorder not to say you’re a Psychopath.

  9. A conscience is leaned, it is created by the brain as a survival mechanism to stop you from being isolated from other human beings, as a human being can rarely survive alone, ther are some exceptions however I for one have a particular type of pyschosis that prevents the forming of a conscience. However not having remorse does not mean that you are drawn towards “evil” but that you aren’t disposed towards good.

    All of us are born killers, we learn not to be.

  10. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Jack, I’m really sorry.
    But are you religous? You don’t have to tell me. But if you are, what would God think when you kill someone.
    “You reap what you sow.”

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