Getting rid of the bodies

I started this week having to get rid of two bodies at the same time.
This is not that difficult, but it gets a little more complicated when you know someone is after you.

You know, someone just found my torture room! Nobody knows about it!
And when “asked” (kindly as you would realize), the guy tells me he is from an “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency”. It was obvious he was not from the police, otherwise others would have already come for him. But what is this Agency?
It is not the first time it happens as I said before.
Some months ago, a couple of days after I left the hospital, I had another girl with me. And a detective just appeared from nowhere. Was it because of the girl? Does anybody know who she is anyways?
As it took some time for another “detective” to appear, I figured they don’t share the information with everyone.
But now again? I guess I will have to kill one by one. But I’m not leaving my place. Not now.

Back to the bodies.
I had with me two disfigured bodies that I had to get rid of. I decided not to discard them as usual. If someone was watching, they would learn how I usually work.
I’ve noticed the guy had some car keys with him. With it, it wasn’t that difficult to find his car: I don’t work in a very crowded neighborhood.
At night, I got into his car, drove it to the back of the house. Then I did my own investigation into his stuff and collected everything that might help to find out how he got to me.
I got the bodies into the trunk of the car, and drove a little bit to the point of a road I already knew. There, I drove the car into the bushes, near a dangerous turn, in a hill.
Then I sat the bodies at the front seats, and gave them and the car a bath with gasoline (including the gas tank).
So I drove the car to the road. I knew how to make a car “accelerate”, I just had to turn some screw in the engine and it seemed that someone had stepped on the accelerator pedal, with the car on neutral. Then I set the car on fire, quickly changed the gear to “drive”, and let it hit the wall (on the turn). A few seconds later it exploded. The gas tank doesn’t take that much heat.

Now everything they will find is ashes. Hopefully they will also find some trace of the girl. Not bad.

33 Responses to “Getting rid of the bodies”

  1. Rafael(K) Says:

    We make some mistekes..and some people are paying for this. You have to be stopped, and you will.

  2. we have to give full backup to our agents.
    Nobody shall act alone.

  3. Tell me one thing… Why “Death Bed Confessions” ?? Are you telling us old stories??

  4. It’s getting more and more dangerous…FOR YOU

  5. […] best is my worst I was looking again through the material I found into the car of that last agent. And I found some clues that can lead me to this so called “secret organization”, at least to […]

    • Fuck you. Says:

      Please Jack. Stop you will be hunted and killed.I mean I think you are a sick man just we can’t afford anymorekillings in our country. Just stop.

  6. you are a pieca shit you fuckin’ eccentric fuck….in the words of Andy Dick…”I hope you eat a hamburger and choke on a cow dick.” or in your case a human burger. I mean are you fo real deal holy feel? I doubt it dude….cause if you were the person up above me here wouldn’t have already read these stories and also, the police whom you say are so retarded and “supposedely” act alone would have already TRACED YOUR COMPUTER…or at least traced the location of whee all this shit is coming from and then surveillence that area at certain times to see whats upp or just fuckin’ trace it right back to your SHACK OF A HOUSE. hahahaha dumb ass….don’t you dare mock a serial killer in front of America’s children and even adults for that matter….anyways…..i’m over it and guess what you creep da sneak….I’m gonna find myself and marshall law that ass. PERIOD fuckin’ gang banger wannabe mobster wannabe charles manson wannabe timothy mcvey wannabe ect so on and so fourth. why can’t you just beeeee yourself and stop mocking people as lil as being in the jailhouses of America.

  7. Is this real? R u really killing someone? Or is this just like a story thing?


    who knows this could be real! all i know is that Jack is one awsome Mofo

    • Sickening Idiot. Says:

      Ok if his name is Jack. Jack is not as you would call “one awsome Mofo” You should be ashamed.

  9. marcel_miller Says:

    hey jack or whatever your name is listen.. listen.. EAT SHIT

  10. PersianHomo Says:

    Last was a blast I still feel my @$$ thank you for the great time, call me xoxo

  11. Fuck You Says:

    You sick bastard. Would you like to be abducted one day, and tortured until slaughtered? I mean ughh. You kind of people make me sick. I would kill to rip you apart right now. Others may think what youdo is cool but you make me want to take a knife to your head. Ok lsiten we have enough problems in america with Iraq so we actually don’t need people like you. Also I actually hope you can try to pay yur mistakes please at least go to confession.

    • You see? We are not that different

      • you may think killing is so funny jack or this whole thing could be crap. but listen oneday u will die and u will end up in hell. and the devil will make u as miserable for all ur eternalty. so dont worry ur life wont last long and u will burn in hell for all u have to pay.

  12. hahapleaseeeeeee Says:

    omgggg :)))

  13. airborne Says:

    haha you are disgusting. and i´m fucking sure this is all fake. if not track me down and kill me

  14. Thank u J.A.C.K. I’ve been trying to find a way to kill this one guy he tortured me for a whole year. It was a whole of living in hell for me. It’s pay back time! Thank u!! 😉

  15. ” haha you are disgusting. and i´m fucking sure this is all fake. if not track me down and kill me ”

    Don’t you know how to read the goddamn homepage?

  16. Obviously a fraud. Says:

    Everyone, don’t listen to this idiot, he’s obviously NOT a serial killer. He’s just an eccentric who has watched too much ‘Dexter’. I doubt a serial killer would post on a free, traceable website.

    I have read a lot of your posts and they are very interesting reads.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  17. you guys are stupid.
    if hes smart enough to come up with this, then im sure he didnt post this from his own computer.

  18. Intelligence Says:

    Jesus Christ you guys, read the home page?
    Here is what it says, copy and pasted:

    J.A.C.K. is a fictional character, part of the game “Follow your Instinct” of the band MindFlow.

    None of the posts described are true, not based in real facts, and any link to the reality is just coincidence. Don’t ever try anything that is written in here. You’ll end up in jail for sure!

  19. Mythbusters Says:

    Gas tanks don’t explode. Gasoline in liquid form, does not explode. Only the vapor form does. SO, if you mean you covered the car and gas tank with fuel, you also must of sliced open the tank and let the car fill with fumes. It doesn’t matter if the gas tank heats up or not, it doesn’t change the fact that you are pretentious, and lack accuracy.

  20. We got to kill those who are bad not us but those who we don’t trust? Like gangters or cops ethier are wost.

  21. This is fake. If it were real and people were really missing and such it would be a simple task of tracking the IP address and knowing his location. This man or woman-whoever writes this is pretty sick to be able to imagine these things..but I guess no anymore sick thank the person who writes for Saw and they makes millions.

  22. i once murdered a man with a crowbar. i was driving home when he cut me off at a turn, we were the only cars on the road, as it was very late at night, he was drunk and alone. I got out of my car he got out of his car and we began to yell at each other arguing right of way and such nonsense. I finally went to my car he went to his car he pulled out a switchblade but before he could even flick it open my crowbar already hit him across the face. I repeated hitting him. 1,2,3, 4 after the 4th hit he went down i can even recall the site of his body. I took the body and melted it down with acid from the lab where i work at and flushed whatever remained down the toilet. Someone saw me kill him though but since the police found no body… I walked free.

  23. Owlhead0321 Says:

    There’s actually some problems with tracking an IP address (I could be wrong though.) First, if the person in question has a family, they must be informed. And you can take these things to court. And it does tell where you live, but this guy takes it to different parts when he kills.
    And even if somebody catches him, he’s going to go to court obviously. If he doesn’t confess, or nothing is there to prove that he killed the victim. It’s not as easy too just track the IP address.
    It’s really easy isn’t it!

  24. don’t talk shit and fuck around or jack will kill you too

    he’ll track your isp and murder your life!

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