How I like to torture

Even with what happened last week, here I am, in my “secret” torture room.
But now I have two preys to play with. Again. that’s not the first time a smart ass tried to stop me and ended up in pieces (probably not the last time as well).

And I love this situation: there is no better mental torture than to show someone its afflictive fate.
It gets even better when you can show it through someone else’s suffering, so you make it clear that you are not playing, and the other victim knows what enormous pain to expect.

So I decided to begin with the poor girl: she has already had enough I guess.
The so-called detective watched as I cut her alive, piece by piece. And she was still awake when I pulled her guts out. I don’t know how someone can still scream in this situation, but amazingly she didn’t stop!

And that guy in my chair, shitting himself. Sometimes I like to close the next victim’s eyes so he can imagine all kinds of horrible things, but only be sure when his turn arrives. Not this time. I made him watch, every piece of it.

After that, I used one of my most popular ways to torture, which I named the Screwdriver Effect. I literally blew his mind! Using a screwdriver through his ear. I loved it!
Who’s next?

21 Responses to “How I like to torture”

  1. maybe you…

  2. I’ll get there…

  3. Rafael(K) Says:

    Wich of your personality´s will scream when we get you?


    I’m touching myself just thinking about it 😉


    humm love that one.. got any other ways to kill a man with home aplyances? like a hand held screw driver or a nice buzz saw perhaps? and of course a slow way to do it?

  6. Flying V Says:

    Hey Jack. I’m pretty young, and I keep thinking about killing. Dreams, daydreams…just thinking ya know? Of course I haven’t yet, but I just want to know what it’s like…thanks.

    • Fuck you. Says:

      ust turn away from being a killer. Come on don’t let him get you. He is just a low-life trying to make something out of himself. He is just starving for attention. That is why he kills. I am young too. But we actually have a chance to do something with our lives. He lost his chance a long time ago.

    • “yet”…..

  7. The Police Says:

    You sick bastard.

    P.S. I prefer to grate the balls in a cheese grater

  8. PersianHomo Says:

    I like to rape serial killers I find it very,very attractive xoxo. zw

  9. hahapleaseeeeeee Says:

    i knowww someoneee goddd i hope you didnt get caught yettt

  10. TOm the reaper Says:

    Do you take requests? Would you kill someone by request?

  11. airborne Says:


  12. Lonely Stoner Says:

    I can’t believe you can just type a few words on google and find this. It’s bit scary

  13. Big jolly fan Says:

    So do you have a twitter, I want to follow you. Not pursue you.

  14. Owlhead0321 Says:

    One man went out and hunted a killer like YOU just for the fun of it. When he found the guy, he tore off all his fingers, toes, and ears, and made him watch. He then bludgeoned the guy with a hammer for a while, and let him escape, just so he could find him again.
    I wonder what would happen to me if I did what you did.
    Would this be my fate?

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