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A very easy way to kill

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These past two weeks have been really calm.
Although I know there’s some kind of secret organization after me, I haven’t noticed any different people or moves around. I think they got lost again or just gave up.
So I decided to satisfy my hunger without taking any risks.
I killed by the easiest way.

I went to the street, near a big hotel (but not too close), and stopped the first cab I saw passing by.
I got in, sat on the back seat, pretending I was from out of town so the driver wouldn’t be too cautious. So I gave him an address that I had written on a piece of paper.
The destination was in a good neighborhood, but I knew exactly what streets we would have to pass through. One of them was a kind of road, very quiet, with no stores or houses around.

At the first traffic light we stopped at this street, I strangled the driver and put him to sleep.
Then I drove the cab into the woods and killed him, very slowly as usual.
Finally, I set the car on fire and left. I had to walk a little bit, far from the road, but it is better than to risk taking a bus or another taxi and get marked.

I was paying attention if the driver communicated anything with the central, luckily this one didn’t even gave the destination. But even if he did, that address didn’t have anything to do with me.

Pretty easy, with no risks! Beautiful! Not what I do as usual, but fun.

Urge to kill

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation with no escape?
Have you ever been sure that your inevitable death would come soon, and with a lot of suffering?
What about having your body and mind so compromised that even if you had a chance to survive, you knew you would never be the same?

Someday you will feel it, either by my hands or in another situation. It’s life.
So what if I don’t feel compassion for people in this situation, why would that make me a monster? And that’s probably the main difference between you and me.
Not the will to kill, not the cruelty or the hunger for blood. The compassion, the remorse. At least, that’s what the psychologists say.

Since I was a child I had this impulse to kill. I knew it was wrong, because was told, but I also knew that someday I would succumb. And if I tell you what my childhood was like, you would never believe me, but maybe you would understand me.
And how many people like me aren’t out there, in this inapt world?
How many screwed up kids? All I see are a lot of hypocrites that are in a thin line to succumb to their true desires. That’s why I can’t be judged, not by you.

I have already been through all these feelings: I saw my death many times. The thing is that I was never afraid of. Death for me is natural and beautiful, as it should be for everyone.
That’s why I wouldn’t spare you from it.

Natural born killers

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My hunger for blood is increasing every day.
As I kill, I feel the need to kill again in a shorter space of time, every time.
Where will that end?

And during my spare time, I suffer because I have to work hard to pretend to be like the others, and every time I have to work harder for it.
Sometimes I wonder if people like me are the only ones who have to carry this weight, to pretend to have emotions to fit in, or if everyone does the same but in different degrees.

I say that because I find it weird that everybody may have the same kind of emotions in same situations. I wonder if it’s not learned by education, movies, culture, etc.
Even because when most of the normal people are alone, they turn out to be complete freaks.

Is remorse real, or something that is learned?
Why has death been primordial for survival since the beginning? Aren’t we really supposed to kill other people? So why does the whole world always find a way to keep it up, with wars and derivates?
Why do the most famous (virtual) games involve killing?

Maybe we are all born as monsters by nature, but we learn to fake a whole different character to fit into society.
And maybe I’m different for not faking it all the time. In the end, I am what I am.
And I’m not afraid of it.

As it is, right now I’m looking for a new victim.
Maybe this time I’ll just sit a little bit and wait in my torture room for another genius to find me alone like the last time.

Getting rid of the bodies

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I started this week having to get rid of two bodies at the same time.
This is not that difficult, but it gets a little more complicated when you know someone is after you.

You know, someone just found my torture room! Nobody knows about it!
And when “asked” (kindly as you would realize), the guy tells me he is from an “Intelligence and Surveillance Agency”. It was obvious he was not from the police, otherwise others would have already come for him. But what is this Agency?
It is not the first time it happens as I said before.
Some months ago, a couple of days after I left the hospital, I had another girl with me. And a detective just appeared from nowhere. Was it because of the girl? Does anybody know who she is anyways?
As it took some time for another “detective” to appear, I figured they don’t share the information with everyone.
But now again? I guess I will have to kill one by one. But I’m not leaving my place. Not now.

Back to the bodies.
I had with me two disfigured bodies that I had to get rid of. I decided not to discard them as usual. If someone was watching, they would learn how I usually work.
I’ve noticed the guy had some car keys with him. With it, it wasn’t that difficult to find his car: I don’t work in a very crowded neighborhood.
At night, I got into his car, drove it to the back of the house. Then I did my own investigation into his stuff and collected everything that might help to find out how he got to me.
I got the bodies into the trunk of the car, and drove a little bit to the point of a road I already knew. There, I drove the car into the bushes, near a dangerous turn, in a hill.
Then I sat the bodies at the front seats, and gave them and the car a bath with gasoline (including the gas tank).
So I drove the car to the road. I knew how to make a car “accelerate”, I just had to turn some screw in the engine and it seemed that someone had stepped on the accelerator pedal, with the car on neutral. Then I set the car on fire, quickly changed the gear to “drive”, and let it hit the wall (on the turn). A few seconds later it exploded. The gas tank doesn’t take that much heat.

Now everything they will find is ashes. Hopefully they will also find some trace of the girl. Not bad.

How I like to torture

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Even with what happened last week, here I am, in my “secret” torture room.
But now I have two preys to play with. Again. that’s not the first time a smart ass tried to stop me and ended up in pieces (probably not the last time as well).

And I love this situation: there is no better mental torture than to show someone its afflictive fate.
It gets even better when you can show it through someone else’s suffering, so you make it clear that you are not playing, and the other victim knows what enormous pain to expect.

So I decided to begin with the poor girl: she has already had enough I guess.
The so-called detective watched as I cut her alive, piece by piece. And she was still awake when I pulled her guts out. I don’t know how someone can still scream in this situation, but amazingly she didn’t stop!

And that guy in my chair, shitting himself. Sometimes I like to close the next victim’s eyes so he can imagine all kinds of horrible things, but only be sure when his turn arrives. Not this time. I made him watch, every piece of it.

After that, I used one of my most popular ways to torture, which I named the Screwdriver Effect. I literally blew his mind! Using a screwdriver through his ear. I loved it!
Who’s next?