You’ll end up tied to my chair

What a crazy week! I can’t even believe it!

Remember the girl from last week?
I still have her with me, in my “torture room”, in my basement.

Since I started doing business in this location, I’ve installed some chains to the wall, something like a medieval chamber chains.
So when I get someone, I lock their wrists with these chains, and they stay very low, close to the ground, so my victim has to be in a very uncomfortable position: either lying on the floor or on its knees. That’s where I had the girl.

There I was, secretly as usual, acting as if the cops already knew who I am.
And my suspicions turned to be true: they were after me, someone even found my torture room, but they still don’t know who I am!

I was in the basement when I heard a noise, someone getting into the house. I had just tortured the girl so much that she was asleep. I turned off all the lights.
A few minutes later, I heard someone going down the basement stairs. I saw a flashlight.
He seemed to be alone, and later on I found that I was right.
This detective started looking through my stuff, I got my shovel and knocked him down!

He was definitely after me, but it seemed that he didn’t even know how he got in there. I think it was only by luck. If someone really wants to get me, it will be needed a lot more than luck!
Only following a bunch of clues that to them makes no sense, each detective will end up as this poor soul I just got: tied to a chair in my torture room, waiting for its painful fate.

Are you listening? First things first.

15 Responses to “You’ll end up tied to my chair”

  1. “You’ve got yourself in a real bad position my friend
    Don’t go anywhere
    I will come back in a few minutes”

    are you really sure about all this??
    Lets wait for the last check mate

  2. Your treats and this damned chair won´t will stop me form chasing you.

    Be ready ,we´re comming. And won´t will be for lucky.

  3. I still live to pick the right ones jack. Your memories will be your own destructive device.

  4. […] on a piece of paper. I still don’t know why it was there, or if it has anything to do with that episode in my torture room, but I’m willing to check it out. I need a new prey anyway. With this number, I managed to find […]

  5. 14 girl 14 Says:

    if i was to kill some one in my house are outside my house it would be legal right because of the 2nd amendmentin the bill of rights mind you i’m 14

  6. No you dont get thos right will you 18 not 14 but if u were some one who was liveing there and that person was not welcomed and was staling your shit yah.. its legal to kill the basterd,,

  7. its funny because im 12

  8. airborne Says:

    i don´t care if this is real or not but you are a sick bastard. if it´s not real you are fucking sick just for writing these and if it´s real you are even sicker. kill yourself you sick son of a bitch. sick fucking bastard

    • Every message I read of yours I see another emotion.
      It’s like you never seen a horror movie before.
      What’s making you tick I wonder. Fear? Anger? A high respect for human life?
      Fake or not, you want him to die? I wonder how that makes you better.
      I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t interested.

  9. awe yes that story but i forgot didnt you say yourself jack that she in a abandon home, when the floods came in, you need to remember your story need to connect … geesh … your fuckin stupid ..

    • I hope you are one of the detectives after me.
      You’ll never find me.
      I won’t give you any clues, figure out by yourself!

      • J.A.C.K. I would like to work with you. But isn’t this a little too risky to get caught? Tell me how much success you had in this and for how long…

  10. i dont really get this.. is this all real ? is he really killing people o.o

  11. Owlhead0321 Says:

    Ah, but remember THIS!
    The detective found you.
    “You’re always dying inside,
    that much closer to home,
    on a crowded street corner,
    surrounded by people
    You are so alone Jack.

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