How to kill someone (and get away with it)

I’ve already got someone in a very smooth way. She is in my torture room right now.

I’d never used this approach before and it worked really great. This is what I did:

First of all, every time I was going to take care of business, I’d go home and escape from a window in the back. That way, if there was someone spying on me, for them I would be resting at home. I had a car parked a few blocks from there especially for these moments, which I got on one of my escapes.

At a police souvenir store – I’m sure you can find one near where you live or at the internet like here, here and here – I bought a souvenir police badge. It was a toy, made for kids to play. Using that, a leather wallet and a computer, I made a Police badge that looked very official (at least compared with the ones we are used to seeing in movies). Most people haven’t seen a real official badge live, so I figured it would be really difficult for anyone to know it was fake.

Watching the neighborhood, I found a house where there was a girl that seemed to live alone, or was alone at the time. So I spied on her for a couple of days to get her routine and be sure she would be alone when I strike.

On Thursday night, I dressed in a very formal way and went to her house. I was observing when she got home. About half an hour after that, I knocked on her door, showed my fake credentials (with the badge) and said her neighbors called the police because they saw someone sneak into her house. So I was there to check it out, and I asked permission to enter to make sure if everything was ok.
She found that weird, but she allowed me in, worried about her security.

That’s the catch. Being a police officer, people will let you in, you will be trusted even being a stranger. They will open their doors, open their car window to talk to you, it doesn’t matter if they have never seen you before. This avoids the need of a first contact, or the work of gaining someone’s trust, and the risk of commenting to third parties.

After I was in, it was easy. I pretended to be looking around, trying to find someone, and as soon as she lowered her guard, I attacked. This time I used a tissue soaked with chloroform and covered her mouth and nose with it. It is a very efficient way to put someone to sleep without making noise.

After that, I tied the woman and took her to her own car, which was parked in the garage. The garage was indoors, so nobody would ever notice this move. From there, with the girl’s car, I drove to my “torture room”, which obviously is not in the same place where I live (it is actually one of the houses abandoned because of the flood).
I tied her well in my torture room, in case she recovered her consciousness, and drove with the car to a really bad neighborhood, where I left it. Then I took a bus to where my “escape car” was, and drove back home to sleep. What a surprise the girl had when she woke up!

I really liked this tactic. First, if someone suspects the girl was abducted they would probably figure it was by an authority (if they are smart), and maybe start looking in the wrong direction. It was very clean: no screaming, no noise, no blood, no eyewitness, no first contact, no clues. And if the cops find the car in that neighborhood, they will easily think it was robbed by someone who lived there, and they won’t be sure if it has to do with her disappearance.

And now I have a new toy to play with!

134 Responses to “How to kill someone (and get away with it)”

  1. I know where’s your “torture room”, Jack… you’ll not run anymore!!

  2. When you forgot your own ideals? Remember when you talk about the people using masks,and how you free of this? You are using masks more and more. You alredy forgot yourself long ago.

    You are lefting crumb´s ,we´re folowing.

  3. We know where u are jack ^^

    Now you are in a realy bad position my friend ;D

    You had a good plan…but we are good agents =*

  4. is it the end?

  5. Sometimes we have to cross the enemy’s line….

    You know what´s going to happen now….

  6. ggrtrtyhwty Says:

    good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. boca chick Says:




  8. boca chick Says:


  9. David Tennet Says:

    Jack… We have been trying to find you for several months now… Please just show yourself… We have several tracks leading to your position… Turn yourself in now… Or we WILL come for you…
    Call us at 1 (800) 457-3390
    I must caution you, we have over 10 agents covering you… Show yourself now or we will use force and find you, Your on the very very thin tip of ice right now. We know your victims too… Jason Snyde and Alyssa Moore… Seems like you weren’t going to get far from us…

  10. 14 girl 14 Says:

    if i was to kill some one in my house are outside my house it would be legal right because of the 2nd amendmentin the bill of rights mind you i’m 14


    I like your technique me and my crazy ass friend was thinking about doing it to someone near but not dear thanks for the advice ;)!!!!!!

  12. i never ever saw someone stupid like u telling every one on the net about it.

    ur technique is stupid as well

    WHAT was u thinking ?

    someone have to tell u :
    u should go to a shrink to fix ya because u have mental problem sis
    it is PARANOIA

    BTW i really want to know who told u to this stupid plan ?

    is it ur mom but u see i dont think PARANOIA is a genetics disease

    is it ?

    plz MISS jack tell me ?

    OMG also ur mom is sick person as u r !!

    how about ur dad ?



    LOOK : if she still a live and i dont think so

    let her go and leave her to write a book about it and u will be the most famous , strong , smart and stupid person in the world :p

  13. marcel_miller Says:

    WATTA FUCK!!?%#?!

  14. You sick bastard. Go to hell!

  15. you are the most most stupid,crazy & mentel disorder person i ever known. AND THAT’S YOU JACKTER!!

  16. WTF is this shit real or not ? im confused ! fuck the police

  17. ur fucked in the head. u feltcher


    Ah nice.. the police faker thats an old one there bud honestly its been dont with the out fit and all bu in the house dident think of that o.o good job.

  19. dave da man Says:

    if you want to kill someone just go to an urban bad neighborhood and just wait in an alley at night until someone walks by, walk behind them by like 20 feet and make sure noones around (people can see you just make sure they wont attack you and no authorities are present), stab them in the spine or the neck or heart or whatever and run, if you want, put a blue bandana in his pocket and drop a red bandana near him so police will think it was gang-related.

    what to do EXACTLY-
    put a set of casual clothes in a backpack and put the backpack in an alley, put a gas can and a pack of matches also in the alley (maybe put both of them in a dumpster or something.
    now go get 2 sweatshirts, 1 of them black, and cut eyeholes in the black one, now put the black one on backwards and the other one on normally, just put the hood up when your going to make your move.
    after youve killed the person, drag the body quickly to the dumpster and drop him in there, change your clothes, and put your clothes, the knife and anything else evidence wise, inside the dumpster, now gas down the dumpster REAL GOOD, and light a match and drop it, by this time the police are coming looking for a murderer and an arsenist, find someway outve the alley not the same way you came in, go to the next block down and just walk it off.

  20. sara smith Says:

    u are such a coward hiding behind your computer and your gay ass website
    is this how u try to be a man by bring others down, cause if it is than i got news for u it will not work cause thoughs ppl that u are hurting will always be way more important than u
    who wants to know a worthless, unimportant, coward like, fool
    i bet your very proud of yourself…do u like looking like a fool cause that is what u are
    do u really think that your little note on how to kill someone is soooo great come on get real,it sucks and it is stupid
    so hats off to u for showing how much of a loser u are

    • I must say Sara….you have a very nasty way with words. koodos to you. Greg

    • wow
      u should just kill yourself 4 being this dumb

    • look do you really think that’s true come on i mean he\she is probably 15 years old kid using a computer from his bedroom do you think real killers tell the way they kill even if it is populated
      um not sure about that but there is only one thing I’ll tell to this fuck up grow up and be a little smart if ya were a killer then why not come to me and let me tell u how is done sorry for interrupting ya people but don’t take thus jerk seriously either it is a man or a woman my Grandmother is 95 and I’ll bet u she would find a better way to kill some1 tan this computer fascinated kid

  21. This is fucking amazing.
    YOu need to help me

  22. teens ,adults its the kids that have brilliance jack is beautiful i feel myself,pleasure around him

  23. You are sick!
    If a cop pulls you over call their station and ask if the “cop” is really a cop because they must radio in before pulling you over or coming to your home.

  24. Sigh, just another mindless killer. No Rules. No Code.

  25. This os so fucking fake the torture room. Homes abandoned because of flood. All police have to do is get the ip address and the company suppling internet will give billing address even if he goes to a library or coffee shop he would have to sign in with id jack is a lame wanna be killer jack ur a punk bitch

  26. Ahah, this is so fake. I can’t belive so many people are falling for this.
    Or this is fake, or the police must be really retards. ^^

    Peace, dump people.

  27. I kill people for breakfast

  28. slitandrun Says:

    i did something similar a couple years back.
    but i didnt do the police shit, i said i was working for the city and there were some complaints about the water, and i was there to take some tests.
    she just dropped her kid off at the bus stop almost an hour ago, it was perfect.
    as soon as i got in, i grabbed her and beat her head on the wall, didnt knock her out,(harder to do than in movies) but i got her weak enough i could tie her up.
    then i threw her in her car and you know the rest!

  29. I’m going to trace your ip adress now. Stupid moron. Jack and Slitandrun have no criminal records at all. They’re just nerds who like to pretend. This business isn’t meant for people who pretend. This business is meant for the people who do.

  30. u dumb ass u dont put evidence in the dumbster cos if u do police goin to find it and u are goin to be linked to the murder u fukin freak and i think jack is a geniuse trust me

  31. u a bullshiter slitandrun

  32. You dirtbag, you had better made that up, because if it’s true I swear I will get you and I will rip the skin out of your face !
    If you don’t surrender immediately I wiil catch you and show you a really “good time”. May you be cursed ang go directly to hell !

    • what are you all talking about this guy jack has a real trip going on and is misleading you all what is the point sooner or later someone will find jack and reality will make him see how you donk fck around with people cos a killer could be lurking in your mist.
      for all you know jack we could all be killers waiting outside you house right now especially when your door is in my view smile for the scope and pray.

  33. shot the fucker pointblank nd dip.

  34. paperclip Says:

    truely wonderful, my friend

  35. hmmmm…. the woman is probably ugly because she’s always alone, but your tactic is not bad…. very creative and simple for that ill give you an 8

  36. here’s a tip jack ( never repeat a winning formula ) cannibalism is nice too, give it a try =)

  37. ummmm… jack….. do you mind sharing your toy… i mean after your done….. or at least just send me her eyeballs pls im willing to pay for it send your info to my email

  38. hahapleaseeeeeee Says:

    message mee we gottta talk and i aint madd i need so helpp just messsage me pleaseeee 🙂

  39. hahapleaseeeeeee Says:

    mesage me at

  40. this info is really fucked…if it’s real. If its not and you really want to know how to kill someone and get away with it…I am a nurse and I KNOW EXACTLY how to off someone. Ive never done it but it has crossed my mind

  41. airborne Says:

    is this really real? please answer

  42. tellITliKeItiS Says:………lol……lol dis sum funny shit…. sum peoples got wild imaginations … i call it BOREDOM

  43. tellITliKeItiS Says:


  44. you are a faggot you piece of shit, you should go rot in hell with the rest of your family

  45. tc,
    Shut the fuck up.

  46. ” dIs jack dude is a FAILURE …. A FAILURE .. CAN’T GET NOTHING RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE …..know y? … COZ U A FAILURE ”

    You’re a failure because you didn’t learn how to spell correctly, honey.
    You’re a failure because you CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT IN YOUR LIFE.
    Why? Because you’re some idiot who can talk shit on the internet, but if you faced him in real life, would you call him a failure?

    Go fuck yourself, honey.

  47. mm.. it’s too perfect……. someones bound to find your tail of bread crumbs.. also you forgot jack your finger print is everywhere…

  48. marcel_miller Says:

    i like to come here when i have a fuckd up day so i can insult this dude a little bit lol 😉

  49. Grand Emperor Ji Says:

    If you are a killer i will bring down the hammer of divinty Upon you, your life will be hell your mind will crumble as the day of Judgment Comes upon you may the Divine Being have mercy on your soul for The blade of fate will torture you forever more. For the might and the empire And god i will crush you under my thumb and all evil along with you. its time…I wont allow repentance you hath crossed the line!

  50. Good on you jack, your an inspiration to show it can be done.

  51. i like this one. Its a good bedtime story

  52. where is a couple of places that u find ur victims? and whats the main things to look for to mkae sure u will get away wif it?

  53. You simple maggets make me sick, do you honestly get a thrill from horror, i will slit you’re throat.

  54. Wow that was a very clever thing to do Jack.

    I will need to be more clever but I don’t torture people. Its not about pain its about watching the life leave their eyes.

    As more people die it makes me feel more powerful.

    Someday I want to rule the earth. Someday….

  55. For the ones that said this was stupid, unintelligant, thing to do, I say, its probably better than anything youve came up with yourselves.

    for others, you are scared worriers, like rats in a tub of water drowing…

    jack, this was genius.
    although, you didnt mention about hideing your finger prints. Im sure the chemicals in the cloth would have smeared any trace of them.

    those of you that say
    “im tracking your i p adress”

    you are the worrying rats i talked about.
    he probably posted from a library.

    • He would go to a public library near his house. It wouldnt work because he said he looked for someone in his nieghborhood, mabe the state over and it would work but people would see and reconize him. plus cops wear a uniform, unless thy are investigators or something and they would send a cop in uniform to the house. with a squad car

  56. Michelle. Says:

    This is very interesting. But I highly doubt it would work. Police officers, FBI agents, and Investigators are very intelligent. And with all the technology these days, you’d be lucky to get away with something like this.

    • Actually, that equipment is useless if theres noone to match the dna etc to… unless hes been arrested and the police have his prints he shouldnt get caught, assuming he did this to a stranger. but whatever its fake…

  57. I have got a plan of my own on how to kill someone and get away with it but i am still not quite sure if it’ll work or not

  58. i had to see if there were really people that write these on the internet. i came from a small town and i am so nieve i dayyou will get caught and i hope you like hell cause you will be going there

  59. i am so nieve that i had to see if these types of pages really exsist. i can not believe it.. you will get caught and hopefully soon

  60. farmer john Says:

    is this real or not, i was up late cleaning my firearms and ran across this site from the nra . ya th nra i was suprised to. lol

  61. If this is all REAL, please e-mail me immediately with tips. I don’t care about any IP address an all that other bullshit cause I got that covered. I just need that boost of arenaline to get me going. My husband has to go, and I don’t mean by seperation or divorce because if I can’t have him then no one else can either. He has $750,000 in life insurance that I’d like to claim once it’s done and over with so that’s why this has to be clean and efficient. Any smart ieas, please SHARE!!! (This is REAL LIFE right here, no bullshit ass comments if you really can’t offer any HELPFUL advice).

  62. Adrenaline is the correct way of spelling, got a little excited just thinking about that cash!!!

  63. maybe you would be brave enough to stick your nose out your the door cos we are watching you right now and cant wait for that head shot.

  64. lol this is kinda funny, because it doesnt make sense. you have flawed logic. For one, you can find the ip adress of the computer this was posted with, so cops could find you. And the “cop” who posted the comment? none of this shit was on the news, so they wouldnt release the identities of the victims.

  65. fatpoomps, would there be any monetary incentive to provide you with tips?

  66. Oh man, you are such a noob! I figured out your secret at “I’d go home and escape from a window in the back.”

    I mean come on!!! If you’re gonna insult our intelligence, try using something beyond kindergarten logic. My 6 year old nephew is coming up with more sophisticated plans than yours…and he’s been doing this stuff for only 2 years now. Still never caught!

    Try a rethink. Seriously, I’m sure you can do better than this!

  67. your sick

  68. gtd6uduth6tduh Says:

    omg you guys are so stupid. this is not real only a joke

  69. this was very clever i have 2 admit.
    bt there we’re things i think could’ve been better.
    bt of all i liked the plan and thought it was smart smooth and very in play.
    good job j.a.c.k. i admire ur work.

  70. god i’m so bored with the killing thing
    get real :3

  71. and come one people don’ u thing is time to turn to the real life i mean not in ur dreams and if ya wanna kill some1 let me give u an advice use a desert eagle or a 44 magnum and shoot directly in the head of the person u wanna kill thats way too easyy

  72. thelonemarine Says:

    this was a very good bedtime story…

  73. Hello I’m new

  74. Gosh Dammit people what do I have to do kick all yals ass
    back to kingdom kum. Huh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. IS THIS REAl???? 8====D~~~ O:

  76. Do you know what organized crime is you will very soon trust me and jack like jack the ripper horrible name really.

  77. And no im not a dumbass nerd like you do you really think that a real killer would post it on the internet no they dont.

  78. Your plan is flawed, Jack.

    Most people these days aren’t dumb enough to let police officers into their house, especially with no uniform, and no car. Most officers travel in pairs.

    Chloroform is fairly volatile, and you can easily kill someone with it if you administer too much based on their body weight and tolerance to chemicals. (Typical rookie mistake)

    Your DNA would be all over the house, and the victims vehicle.

    Better hope there is no neighborhood watch program.

  79. … beautiful

  80. I want to kill someone in my house

    does anyone know a good way?

  81. Xavia reddrinker Says:

    That is an amazing story.. to bad it isnt real. Jack, you have quit an imagination. I wish I had ur talent. Did you ever think of becoming a director?

  82. hey i got some one for u to kill if u want her just let me know

  83. voice of reason Says:

    This is unwholesome kid, if you’re getting ignored at school this is no way to make up for it. Reasons your plan won’t work:
    It works on the assumption that you are more intelligent than the people you hunt (which is doubtful since you’ve posted this on the internet which can be traced to the computer you sent it on) people watch you as much as you watch them, and I doubt if you are hanging around someones house for days they wouldn’t notice, and recognise you and bust this meagre facade.
    Secondly, you would have to be stupid not to cover all entrences to the house during surveillance (duh!)
    Thirdly, you ASSUMED there were no eyewitnesses, neighbours, joggers, all the police have to do is put some questions on the news and you are screwed.
    Fourthly the cars will have been traced through cameras or satnav, pinpointing the location of your “torture room”.
    Finally your “torture room” in an abandoned house DUMB eventually people will come to reclaim their stuff or bulldoze them so its not really that secret.

    I dunno kid, play hockey, buy a xbox, but drop this, girls don’t dig sadists.

  84. bloody killer Says:

    I admire your work jack. and screw all ya noobs that think this is bad or fake cos 1 day he”ll be killin you

  85. what the fuck is all this most of you lot that have read this and think it funny are fuckin sick you all need to get help what the fuck this is mad

  86. babyslapper Says:

    The guy who wrote this probably has never even been in a fistfight let alone murdered someone. I hope, for his sake, he is in junior high and just having some fun. If “Jack” is over the age of 18, however – wow, what a loser! The only people you are “tricking” are borderline retards who just figured out how to use a search engine and stumbled here. You want some death, Jack? I’ll give you some fucking death. I’ll hang you from a meat hook and powedrize your skeleton with a sledge hammer you fucking nerd.

  87. here mate you want to kill me 😉
    i like getting killed ya fukin mongo lmfao
    moan then kill me a dare you ay 😛
    fukin weird cunt xD

  88. kill me

  89. This is the same person writing everything! The idiot cant spell! and is probably not even fluint in english

  90. omg immmmmm soooo going to try that

  91. well i bet he could have done better

  92. yeah well this person is so stupid and he will fell in he web someday,
    and I don’t even the story is real, for the god sake do you think someone will risk and do something like this? hell no untill he is nut and so stupid.

  93. s0uTh$!dE G Says:

    get a life u bunch of retards……………..or get screwed up, cuz u aint shit if u aint neva been screwed up!

  94. fuck you jack come and try to kill me bitch!!!!!! ..l..

  95. thats good im goin to try it today

  96. hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah die mother fucker die I want to rip your internal organs out and eat them

  97. icantstoplaughing Says:

    J.A.C.K. is a fictional character, part of the game “Follow your Instinct” of the band MindFlow.

    None of the posts described are true, not based in real facts, and any link to the reality is just coincidence. Don’t ever try anything that is written in here. You’ll end up in jail for sure!”

    real nice.

  98. icantstoplaughing Says:

    obviously if this was real, his ip would be traced and he’d be in jail.

  99. gangkiller Says:

    good good i say fuck humanity we all deserve to die so fuck all u bitchs

  100. daddywally Says:

    Any psyco women wanna fuck me?

  101. seeksanity Says:

    they call me death. I will separate you from your family. I will separate you from your wealth. I will separate you from your world. Each day, you’re getting closer to me. I have come to your father before his father and took his life. I am your ultimate destiny, everyone are.

  102. Random Guy Says:

    I really can’t believe how many people are falling for this! The person who wrote this is probably just some 12 year old kid watching a gangster movie. And all you people who comment on this saying you “admire” J.A.C.K should stop playing grand theft auto so much.

  103. keep up the good work, FUCK GOD

  104. everyone talking shit about jack, fuck ya’s – i hope your souls burn in hell and satan rapes you.

    don’t hate because you don’t have balls to do shit you scumbag bitch-made fagget hippie cocksuckers.

  105. Ah it seems you have forgotten your self Jack,what if your ‘prisoner’ escape’s and decides to tell of the location of your torture room?
    But I do give you credit,it is a thought out plan aside from a few errors.
    Either way always remember dead men tell no tale’s,so don’t forget to dispose of your targets correctly.

    Oh and by the way,The hunter it seems as become the hunted,not very smart on your behalf.If you were one of ‘us’ you could learn how to be like a shadow and never even be known,it would be like you never even existed.

    The Organization

  106. honar student Says:

    dude this is a preaty beast plan but dont try it in real life you will never get away with it im not sure if this is ttrue or not but it could work but now its on the internet it wont and what this is most likely is an f.b.i. agent or cia putting this here so other people will try it….aka BAIT!!

  107. manatthedoor Says:

    you guys are fake if you thought about it an you desided to then you wouldnt be on here saying it now one can tell if your telling the trueth.just watch the news like baltimore, v b, davenport. LOL have fun ladys good luck to all who are real…………………..

  108. manatthedoor Says:

    the deserving an the riches are the religuse an wealthy who take it for granted they will see lol

  109. This is fake and you are all morons. 🙂

  110. your stupid if you actully think that i belive your crap your stuck on stupid im 13 years old doing a report anout serial killers for school and i think this pretty stupid and if it was actully real i would never tell any one on the internet dum ass what a loser you must live alone at your mothers i kisd of feeal bad for mentally challenged people like you GET A LIFE YOU NEED ONE!!!!

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