Killing is an art

I feel I’m being observed since the last occurrence.
It is just a suspicion, nothing concrete, but I feel things are weird. Sometimes I notice people staring at me, parked cars with people inside where they shouldn’t be, that kind of thing.
I have the feeling they are just waiting for a mistake.
At the same time, it may be just paranoia, because there is no way they’ll get to me!

Anyway, it’s been more than two weeks since my last murder, and much longer since the last time I really played with my victim.
My hunger is increasing and I will need to fulfill it soon, before it gets to the point where I get blind and kill desperately, without taking the proper precautions. I know I’ll get to that point if it takes too long.

But this time I’ll be even more careful. I will act as if there were police cars all over, like if they have already gotten to me, because maybe they have.
Killing sometimes is like an art, we have to count with the right inspiration at the right time, in the right situation. It’s difficult, but with experience it starts to seem less like luck and more like probability.
I’ll do my art, let’s see how good these detectives are.
Let the hunting begin!

15 Responses to “Killing is an art”

  1. Ok jack…do your art…but be carefull,next time you make a mistake…I’ll be there to catch you.

  2. Well, your art is to torture and to kill. My art is justice. Do your art, wile I try to do the mine. You must be part of my art. Maybe soon I must do your art to do the mine.

  3. Two weeks?? Are you getting afraid??

  4. I told you, you´re becoming paranoic. You know that we are after you,you know you make a mistake, but you never know when you´re really been watch or is just imaging things.
    No more of “Letft the night with no trace” , the hunt began a long time ago, you take to long to realize this. I´m close Jack,you can hear my steps just behind you?

  5. Tsc,tsc

  6. where is jack?

  7. c mon jack…where are u??

    We are waiting for you..

    I realy like the smell of your fear….

  8. 14 girl 14 Says:

    if i was to kill some one in my house are outside my house it would be legal right because of the 2nd amendmentin the bill of rights mind you i’m 14

  9. marcel_miller Says:



    yah JACK im sry but.. your going to get cought budd i would try and kill less often as possable now

  11. If this was real the authorities would have already traced your sorry a*s and thrown you in jail.

  12. please do not insult art

  13. I don’t know why people are taking this so to heart. If he was an actual serial killer, the FBI would have long ago traced his IP address and canned him unless he was really that good (which is very rare these days due to technological developments). If any of you actually thought he was out there slicing people left and right, why wouldn’t you drop in some sort of tip about it?

    Are you scared?

    The wording in this blog in particular seems all so familiar to hear. It honestly mirrors the book/Showtime Series, “Dexter” in a very valid way, except Dexter Morgan kills the guilty.

    It just seems like Jack is a man with a dream (and no longer a serial blogger, I see!). Let him be him. I think his words are beautiful.

    As for Jack, I’d appreciate your return.

  14. Dude, I need you if you are what you say you are..

  15. W>T>F>

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