Appetite Control

This whole week I’ve been watching my moves because there’s a chance that somebody is doing that too.
I don’t know what the detectives have concluded about my last murder. They probably don’t have any clue about what happened. It could’ve been a robbery attempt, a clearing with the guy, anything. But they must be suspicious because the girl probably told them somebody stroke him from nowhere, for no evident reason.

I have no reason to be a suspect for my crimes,  none of my victims had any kind of direct link to me. Except for one, but it has been more than a year. And now I am living a completely different life.
She used to work at the hospital where I was kept, the D.D. Psychiatric Hospital, but that was just about it. But as far as I know nobody even found out that there was a crime.

But this is a chance, a small one which is enough to make me cautious, that they may know I exist. Maybe they have been gathering clues and now the girl has seen my face, so they can be after me (as I said, there is a very small probability). I better calm down for a while, just to make sure I am not been watched, and if I am, that they give up their suspicion on me.
I don’t want to get caught for underestimating the detectives or for getting lazy. I will remain free to play with whoever pleases me.

So I have to control my appetite for a little bit.

8 Responses to “Appetite Control”

  1. I can smeel the fear in your words J.A.C.K.
    Each word is more delicious to smell…You are getting in a dead end jack…i will catch you…and at this time I will put a end to this!!

    You have a new enemy…get ready to dance..

    Do you like chess??

  2. Rafael (K) Says:

    Unfortunately for you, we alredy are on your steps. And each time you let your “appetite” control you ,more deeper you dig your grave.

    We know many of your crimes and we are close to find the proofs of this.
    This chance you say,can be small,but i aldredy make this one time,we can make again.

    Tell me Jack, you kill you own wife?

  3. Hey jack…tell us about you wife…

    How’s she now??

    What happened with her??

  4. About the girl who worked in DD Hospital… maybe she was Paula? Or Klara?
    The circle is closing… and the game start over… for you.

  5. Jack…what I should put in a gps???

  6. owlhead3201 Says:

    Doesn’t have to be his wife.
    A girlfriend possibily, who knows?
    Either way dude, end it now.

  7. Owlhead0321 Says:

    You’re slipping Jack. Getting too confident.
    You think that you can do this without reaping what you sow huh? Getting too cocky Jack, getting too cocky…

  8. No Jack,allow the appetite to consume you, give in to it.It seems you like us love the thrill and the enjoyment you get from taking the lives of those who you choose,but maybe instead of who you choose it be somebody that is chosen for death and along with the enjoyment of it a reward as well will be given.
    I hope you see as we do and wish to fall in amongst us,nothing more than shadows in society.

    The Organization

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