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You’ll end up tied to my chair

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What a crazy week! I can’t even believe it!

Remember the girl from last week?
I still have her with me, in my “torture room”, in my basement.

Since I started doing business in this location, I’ve installed some chains to the wall, something like a medieval chamber chains.
So when I get someone, I lock their wrists with these chains, and they stay very low, close to the ground, so my victim has to be in a very uncomfortable position: either lying on the floor or on its knees. That’s where I had the girl.

There I was, secretly as usual, acting as if the cops already knew who I am.
And my suspicions turned to be true: they were after me, someone even found my torture room, but they still don’t know who I am!

I was in the basement when I heard a noise, someone getting into the house. I had just tortured the girl so much that she was asleep. I turned off all the lights.
A few minutes later, I heard someone going down the basement stairs. I saw a flashlight.
He seemed to be alone, and later on I found that I was right.
This detective started looking through my stuff, I got my shovel and knocked him down!

He was definitely after me, but it seemed that he didn’t even know how he got in there. I think it was only by luck. If someone really wants to get me, it will be needed a lot more than luck!
Only following a bunch of clues that to them makes no sense, each detective will end up as this poor soul I just got: tied to a chair in my torture room, waiting for its painful fate.

Are you listening? First things first.

How to kill someone (and get away with it)

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I’ve already got someone in a very smooth way. She is in my torture room right now.

I’d never used this approach before and it worked really great. This is what I did:

First of all, every time I was going to take care of business, I’d go home and escape from a window in the back. That way, if there was someone spying on me, for them I would be resting at home. I had a car parked a few blocks from there especially for these moments, which I got on one of my escapes.

At a police souvenir store – I’m sure you can find one near where you live or at the internet like here, here and here – I bought a souvenir police badge. It was a toy, made for kids to play. Using that, a leather wallet and a computer, I made a Police badge that looked very official (at least compared with the ones we are used to seeing in movies). Most people haven’t seen a real official badge live, so I figured it would be really difficult for anyone to know it was fake.

Watching the neighborhood, I found a house where there was a girl that seemed to live alone, or was alone at the time. So I spied on her for a couple of days to get her routine and be sure she would be alone when I strike.

On Thursday night, I dressed in a very formal way and went to her house. I was observing when she got home. About half an hour after that, I knocked on her door, showed my fake credentials (with the badge) and said her neighbors called the police because they saw someone sneak into her house. So I was there to check it out, and I asked permission to enter to make sure if everything was ok.
She found that weird, but she allowed me in, worried about her security.

That’s the catch. Being a police officer, people will let you in, you will be trusted even being a stranger. They will open their doors, open their car window to talk to you, it doesn’t matter if they have never seen you before. This avoids the need of a first contact, or the work of gaining someone’s trust, and the risk of commenting to third parties.

After I was in, it was easy. I pretended to be looking around, trying to find someone, and as soon as she lowered her guard, I attacked. This time I used a tissue soaked with chloroform and covered her mouth and nose with it. It is a very efficient way to put someone to sleep without making noise.

After that, I tied the woman and took her to her own car, which was parked in the garage. The garage was indoors, so nobody would ever notice this move. From there, with the girl’s car, I drove to my “torture room”, which obviously is not in the same place where I live (it is actually one of the houses abandoned because of the flood).
I tied her well in my torture room, in case she recovered her consciousness, and drove with the car to a really bad neighborhood, where I left it. Then I took a bus to where my “escape car” was, and drove back home to sleep. What a surprise the girl had when she woke up!

I really liked this tactic. First, if someone suspects the girl was abducted they would probably figure it was by an authority (if they are smart), and maybe start looking in the wrong direction. It was very clean: no screaming, no noise, no blood, no eyewitness, no first contact, no clues. And if the cops find the car in that neighborhood, they will easily think it was robbed by someone who lived there, and they won’t be sure if it has to do with her disappearance.

And now I have a new toy to play with!

Killing is an art

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I feel I’m being observed since the last occurrence.
It is just a suspicion, nothing concrete, but I feel things are weird. Sometimes I notice people staring at me, parked cars with people inside where they shouldn’t be, that kind of thing.
I have the feeling they are just waiting for a mistake.
At the same time, it may be just paranoia, because there is no way they’ll get to me!

Anyway, it’s been more than two weeks since my last murder, and much longer since the last time I really played with my victim.
My hunger is increasing and I will need to fulfill it soon, before it gets to the point where I get blind and kill desperately, without taking the proper precautions. I know I’ll get to that point if it takes too long.

But this time I’ll be even more careful. I will act as if there were police cars all over, like if they have already gotten to me, because maybe they have.
Killing sometimes is like an art, we have to count with the right inspiration at the right time, in the right situation. It’s difficult, but with experience it starts to seem less like luck and more like probability.
I’ll do my art, let’s see how good these detectives are.
Let the hunting begin!

Appetite Control

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This whole week I’ve been watching my moves because there’s a chance that somebody is doing that too.
I don’t know what the detectives have concluded about my last murder. They probably don’t have any clue about what happened. It could’ve been a robbery attempt, a clearing with the guy, anything. But they must be suspicious because the girl probably told them somebody stroke him from nowhere, for no evident reason.

I have no reason to be a suspect for my crimes,  none of my victims had any kind of direct link to me. Except for one, but it has been more than a year. And now I am living a completely different life.
She used to work at the hospital where I was kept, the D.D. Psychiatric Hospital, but that was just about it. But as far as I know nobody even found out that there was a crime.

But this is a chance, a small one which is enough to make me cautious, that they may know I exist. Maybe they have been gathering clues and now the girl has seen my face, so they can be after me (as I said, there is a very small probability). I better calm down for a while, just to make sure I am not been watched, and if I am, that they give up their suspicion on me.
I don’t want to get caught for underestimating the detectives or for getting lazy. I will remain free to play with whoever pleases me.

So I have to control my appetite for a little bit.