A terrible mistake

I made a terrible mistake.
I had this plan to get the girl I was talking about last week, I knew it was kind of risky, but I decided to take that risk.

I studied the streets she walks by everyday, and chose one that would give me enough time to get to the area where I would strike.
So when I saw her passing by that point, I got into my car, drove to the other street, stopped close to the bushes and hid in them. Everything was going exactly as planned.
But when she was getting close I noticed she wasn’t coming alone. There was a guy with her that I hadn’t seen before. She must have met him on the way.
They were already too close, so if I decided to abort it and go back to my car, she would probably notice that I was hiding in there and be more cautious next time. So I would have to completely change my plans, or go after another victim.

But I decided to attack them both. I was going to kill the guy, get the girl and disappear. We were alone in the street, everybody would probably think the guy had gotten mugged, something went wrong and he got killed.

So when they were passing by me, I stuck a knife in the man’s stomach before they even noticed there was somebody in there. But the girl started running and screaming right away. The guy was on his knees, I cut his throat to make sure he was going to die, and ran after the girl. Suddenly a car appeared in the street and stopped to see why the girl was screaming. I ran to my car, got into it and drove away.

Damn it! She saw me!
I’ve already burnt the car as usual, now I’m working to change my appearance.
I hope they see it as an usual assault.
But I made the mistake that makes most of the killers get caught: I underestimated people and got lazy.
I better be more careful now.

13 Responses to “A terrible mistake”

  1. Now you shall really take care…
    Maybe YOU will be the next one…

  2. Rafael(K) Says:

    I told you i was waiting for you make a mistake, and now you make.

    Say to me Jack, are you with fear?Felling that anytime the cops you break the door and get you? You can fell the panic raising inside you?

    This is the begging of the end, for you

  3. Is it?
    I don’t think so.


    humm this intreags me.. what do u have planed there JACK!

  5. Sloppy and foolish.
    The Code of Harry would be very great advice for you.
    Afraid it’s too late for you, Jack.
    Killing randomly. Killing innocents.
    I have standards.

    • lol @ the code of harry. this whole blog is very dexterous to me aside from the killing of innocence. most of the time i believe this is just an author trying to make his break with glorious fiction, and for that jack, i applaude you.

  6. Mr Strange Says:

    Next time, you should have two knifes! Pop out of the bushes and HIYAH right in to their necks!

  7. u should started taking a piss and acted drunk. although, u wouldnt be able to get her cuz that would draw alot of attention lol. but, its a little bit better than what happened.

  8. I use fake Emails Says:

    You shouldve went for the girl first (aiming for the throat so they cant scream) and then the guy

  9. distortedvision Says:

    this is a really interesting blog,no?
    you have intrigued me,fictional or not,
    im pretty screwed in the head also.
    but im not a killer,though i silently apllaude anyone who has the guts to do so.when you kill someone,how do you feel?

  10. this is a very intriging, i wonder how his emotions are? i am a phsycologist, i can help him.

  11. owlhead3201 Says:

    Wow. Told ya you’d slip up Jacky Boy.
    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”
    So tell me, how many more times?

  12. the more people you kill, the closer to becoming god himself you are……

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