A New Victim

I’m looking for my next “adventure”. I think I’ve found someone.
As I said before, this is the part that I like the most, to plan my killings.
I’ve just started a new plan right now.

I’ve been observing a girl that passes everyday by the same street, always around 8 p.m. At least this last week, I saw her walking alone every single day.
The good thing is that this street is kind of far from my home and my torture room, and it is really quiet at this time, there are not many vehicles or passengers passing by.

Something I worry about is the possibility of the police start linking the disappearances, and being able to build a perimeter with it, so they could establish a connection among murders and locate the area that I usually strike. So I’m kind of looking for people from outside this possible perimeter, so I can be able to confuse the detectives.
And there is a good and a bad side to the fact of this street being so quiet. The good thing is that it’s a lot easier to strike without been noticed by strangers. The bad thing is that the victim is certainly going to notice me, and any kind of previous approach will be suspicious. And if she starts screaming, she will be heard miles from there. So I have to strike fast, giving no chance for any kind of reaction.

In front of one of the houses she walks by, there are some really tall bushes, with almost my height. And at this time, 8 p.m., it’s almost night. So I’m thinking about getting to know better her everyday path, so I can have time to see when she’s getting closer, drive my car to this street, stop it near the bushes and hide in there. And as she passes by, I will quickly put her to sleep without been noticed, drag her to my car and drive away.
I have to be really careful with this because I can’t hide for so long, giving someone a chance to notice me, and the girl cannot even imagine there is someone in the bushes, so I can’t let her see me stopping the car.

It will be fun: kind of risky, but fun.

5 Responses to “A New Victim”

  1. Rafael(K) Says:

    Taking riks Jack?This is new for you.

    You never know when there´s a eye watching you in the dark,i´m following you Jack. Your days of hunt is near to the end.

    Just say me one thing,you will find courage and come after me ,or will wait to me to get you?

  2. I’m having fun. Catch me if you can!

  3. Ooow, Jack… we can catch you! Don’t underestimate! See ya!

  4. Jack Please, Show yourself… We have been searching for you for about 6 months now… Trust me… Show yourself now before its… Too Late… Somethings aer going to happen if you dont take action now…

  5. owlhead3201 Says:

    Jack, you need to END this. Don’t hurt anyone else, they’ve done nothing to you. Yeah true, I once had a problem where I had an impulse to kill people, but I’m off that. Trust me, you WILL slip off. Either it ill be guilt or just somebody will find you.
    Heh. It’s interesting isn’t it? How far people can go with this sort of thing.
    How EASY it is….

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