Maybe you will be the next

I was watching a documentary on TV the other day about serial-killers.
I know that I am labeled like that, so I love to watch this kind of TV show.
The best thing about it, is that I can see how other people got caught and learn with their mistakes. I can also understand how they think they would recognize a serial-killer, and so I act completely different.

People like me learn how to act since childhood, to pretend to fit into society. Those who don’t, get caught really fast, so they probably don’t get to fulfill all their true desires. So you can say that those who reach manhood undiscovered are really good actors. Like me.

Besides doing what I do, I have a regular life. And I’m pretty sure the people I work and live with have no idea who I really am. If I didn’t know how to keep this monster (as others would like to call it) inside of me disguised, I wouldn’t be out on streets. And I’ve already had many different lives.

In this documentary they said that usually the serial-killers are caught when they relax, and think that all cops are stupid. That’s good advice, I better watch it. I do think cops and detectives are stupid. Although I’m sure nobody would be able to link me to the deaths, it seems that there are too many people aware that I exist, trying to figure out who I am.

They also said that in the United States there are at least fifty serial-killers killing free right now. And those are the murderers that they are aware of. So I can imagine how many people like me there are in the world, as there are so many countries that don’t even have resources to link one crime to another.

So, maybe, you already know me. And probably you like me. Maybe, you love me. And live with me. I can be with you right now. How would you know?

And now I’m looking for my next victim. My hunger is increasing.

8 Responses to “Maybe you will be the next”

  1. Maybe I love you…..
    Well maybe.. But if I do, I don’t love the disgusting man you are (why would I?), but the man you pretend to be.
    But you should know that one day your madness and your crazy desire for blood will make your beauty mask fall, and revel the true man behind your fake eyes.
    Think about the idea
    Maybe you will be the next to be caught
    Maybe YOU.. will be the next….

  2. Maybe you can stopping by on my house and we can discuss about my bad neighbour so you have your next victim and i finally free from him.

    Just let me know…….xixixixixi

  3. Some time ago you say that you don´t use maks, and now, you live with one, and you are becoming a slave of her. You are lost inside your own game, you are no more the master of the game,you are just a puppet of all this.

    You´re are prevent yourself to do not make the same mistakes that the one´s before you do,but there allways new mistakes that you can do,and we will be there when this happen.

    Look for me Jack. I´m looking you.

  4. Sasha Sleet Says:

    Hi there, my name is Sasha… I live at 720 Payne ave. Saint Paul, Minnesota… I’m suffering here…

  5. marcel_miller Says:

    i live in Italy Sicily Palermo via Bernini 53 COME AND GET ME

  6. marcel_miller Says:

    listen dickface i see you wanna suicide your self

    i hope u’ll come ..oh yeah you better come..

  7. owlhead3201 Says:

    WOAH. I apologize Jack. I get like this sometimes. I get caught up in the need to do sin, but I just go out to the woods and scream REALLY loud to get it all out. You are different from the others.
    I still think about killing sometimes though. I think about how easy it would be sometimes.

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