Planning a murder

Holidays were great for me.
Now a new year has begun, and 2009 will be my year.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get caught, ‘cause I’ve been really careful with what I’m doing and I pretend to keep it this way.
As I said before, one of the coolest and most pleasant part of a murder is planning it. So I like to work on it as best as I can.

This is how I do:
First step is searching for a potential victim. I walk around observing all kinds of people, trying to find the lucky one, someone who I know I will have fun to kill, and that will not bring any suspicion to me.
Then I plan how I’m going to approach the chosen one without leaving any clues, avoiding to be seen or heard by any other people. This is a vital step, a little mistake in this part of the process and everything goes down the toilet. Sometimes it takes more than a day to get the trust of the person I’m seeking, to make room for striking. And if I have to make any kind of connection before, I make sure if they comment it to anyone, that everything they know can’t turn into any clue that would lead the cops to me.

After planning the approach, I figure how I’m going to kill.
If it’s going to take weeks, days or hours. I imagine how is the most pleasant way (for me) to do it. That’s when I can use my creativity at its best.
And that’s the most pleasant part of planning, as I can picture me killing someone in a bunch of different ways. It’s like if I was there, doing it over and over.
After choosing a method, I can set up everything at my slaughter place (nowadays, usually a basement of a house).

And, for last, I plan how I’m going to discard the body. This step is vital too, there is no room for mistakes. If a body is never found, I was successful in my job. But I have to make sure if they find it, it doesn’t have any sign of me, or of the place, or of how the murder happened. Some people like to leave their victim’s body to be found, sometimes with a “signature” on it. This is not me. Usually, those who like to take credits for its murders are the ones who get caught. I prefer nobody links one death with another, so the police will never know about me, and I can keep going.

I’m not looking for fame, I just want to do what I like to.
What I do best.

But I kind of enjoy if there are some harmless souls after me, because when it happens I can play some games. Are you into it?

5 Responses to “Planning a murder”

  1. Harmless? Wait to see, J.A.C.K…

  2. Are you just pretending jack?
    I’m not afraid. I’m not a potential victim. I’ve told you, you don’t like the strong ones.
    Lets see… who is the one who kill and who the one who try to protect the victims?
    The strong can protect him or herself. The stronger can protect the harmless ones.
    The weak ones need a dead human soul to live…

    Lets play your game. But with our rules…

  3. Rafael(K) Says:

    Who you think you are to use “I” on the way you use?You are just a mortal with a serious problem.

    You look for easy victims because you don´t have the courage to face someone who is chasing you.
    I repeat to you, come after me. You probablu know were find me, so , what´s the reason of your fear?

    Jack, come out come out wherever you are, i alredy see you little screaming eye.

  4. all i can say is me now the fun begins.

  5. owlhead3201 Says:

    I think it’s happening. I REALLY thought about killing Jack. But not like Rafael(K) wants too. I need to be smart. And I know Jack will read this, so it’s better off that way. It’s okay if you read this Jack. You tell everyone how you carry out sin, and now, I guess I could end that sin.

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