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A terrible mistake

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I made a terrible mistake.
I had this plan to get the girl I was talking about last week, I knew it was kind of risky, but I decided to take that risk.

I studied the streets she walks by everyday, and chose one that would give me enough time to get to the area where I would strike.
So when I saw her passing by that point, I got into my car, drove to the other street, stopped close to the bushes and hid in them. Everything was going exactly as planned.
But when she was getting close I noticed she wasn’t coming alone. There was a guy with her that I hadn’t seen before. She must have met him on the way.
They were already too close, so if I decided to abort it and go back to my car, she would probably notice that I was hiding in there and be more cautious next time. So I would have to completely change my plans, or go after another victim.

But I decided to attack them both. I was going to kill the guy, get the girl and disappear. We were alone in the street, everybody would probably think the guy had gotten mugged, something went wrong and he got killed.

So when they were passing by me, I stuck a knife in the man’s stomach before they even noticed there was somebody in there. But the girl started running and screaming right away. The guy was on his knees, I cut his throat to make sure he was going to die, and ran after the girl. Suddenly a car appeared in the street and stopped to see why the girl was screaming. I ran to my car, got into it and drove away.

Damn it! She saw me!
I’ve already burnt the car as usual, now I’m working to change my appearance.
I hope they see it as an usual assault.
But I made the mistake that makes most of the killers get caught: I underestimated people and got lazy.
I better be more careful now.

A New Victim

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I’m looking for my next “adventure”. I think I’ve found someone.
As I said before, this is the part that I like the most, to plan my killings.
I’ve just started a new plan right now.

I’ve been observing a girl that passes everyday by the same street, always around 8 p.m. At least this last week, I saw her walking alone every single day.
The good thing is that this street is kind of far from my home and my torture room, and it is really quiet at this time, there are not many vehicles or passengers passing by.

Something I worry about is the possibility of the police start linking the disappearances, and being able to build a perimeter with it, so they could establish a connection among murders and locate the area that I usually strike. So I’m kind of looking for people from outside this possible perimeter, so I can be able to confuse the detectives.
And there is a good and a bad side to the fact of this street being so quiet. The good thing is that it’s a lot easier to strike without been noticed by strangers. The bad thing is that the victim is certainly going to notice me, and any kind of previous approach will be suspicious. And if she starts screaming, she will be heard miles from there. So I have to strike fast, giving no chance for any kind of reaction.

In front of one of the houses she walks by, there are some really tall bushes, with almost my height. And at this time, 8 p.m., it’s almost night. So I’m thinking about getting to know better her everyday path, so I can have time to see when she’s getting closer, drive my car to this street, stop it near the bushes and hide in there. And as she passes by, I will quickly put her to sleep without been noticed, drag her to my car and drive away.
I have to be really careful with this because I can’t hide for so long, giving someone a chance to notice me, and the girl cannot even imagine there is someone in the bushes, so I can’t let her see me stopping the car.

It will be fun: kind of risky, but fun.

Maybe you will be the next

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I was watching a documentary on TV the other day about serial-killers.
I know that I am labeled like that, so I love to watch this kind of TV show.
The best thing about it, is that I can see how other people got caught and learn with their mistakes. I can also understand how they think they would recognize a serial-killer, and so I act completely different.

People like me learn how to act since childhood, to pretend to fit into society. Those who don’t, get caught really fast, so they probably don’t get to fulfill all their true desires. So you can say that those who reach manhood undiscovered are really good actors. Like me.

Besides doing what I do, I have a regular life. And I’m pretty sure the people I work and live with have no idea who I really am. If I didn’t know how to keep this monster (as others would like to call it) inside of me disguised, I wouldn’t be out on streets. And I’ve already had many different lives.

In this documentary they said that usually the serial-killers are caught when they relax, and think that all cops are stupid. That’s good advice, I better watch it. I do think cops and detectives are stupid. Although I’m sure nobody would be able to link me to the deaths, it seems that there are too many people aware that I exist, trying to figure out who I am.

They also said that in the United States there are at least fifty serial-killers killing free right now. And those are the murderers that they are aware of. So I can imagine how many people like me there are in the world, as there are so many countries that don’t even have resources to link one crime to another.

So, maybe, you already know me. And probably you like me. Maybe, you love me. And live with me. I can be with you right now. How would you know?

And now I’m looking for my next victim. My hunger is increasing.

Planning a murder

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Holidays were great for me.
Now a new year has begun, and 2009 will be my year.

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get caught, ‘cause I’ve been really careful with what I’m doing and I pretend to keep it this way.
As I said before, one of the coolest and most pleasant part of a murder is planning it. So I like to work on it as best as I can.

This is how I do:
First step is searching for a potential victim. I walk around observing all kinds of people, trying to find the lucky one, someone who I know I will have fun to kill, and that will not bring any suspicion to me.
Then I plan how I’m going to approach the chosen one without leaving any clues, avoiding to be seen or heard by any other people. This is a vital step, a little mistake in this part of the process and everything goes down the toilet. Sometimes it takes more than a day to get the trust of the person I’m seeking, to make room for striking. And if I have to make any kind of connection before, I make sure if they comment it to anyone, that everything they know can’t turn into any clue that would lead the cops to me.

After planning the approach, I figure how I’m going to kill.
If it’s going to take weeks, days or hours. I imagine how is the most pleasant way (for me) to do it. That’s when I can use my creativity at its best.
And that’s the most pleasant part of planning, as I can picture me killing someone in a bunch of different ways. It’s like if I was there, doing it over and over.
After choosing a method, I can set up everything at my slaughter place (nowadays, usually a basement of a house).

And, for last, I plan how I’m going to discard the body. This step is vital too, there is no room for mistakes. If a body is never found, I was successful in my job. But I have to make sure if they find it, it doesn’t have any sign of me, or of the place, or of how the murder happened. Some people like to leave their victim’s body to be found, sometimes with a “signature” on it. This is not me. Usually, those who like to take credits for its murders are the ones who get caught. I prefer nobody links one death with another, so the police will never know about me, and I can keep going.

I’m not looking for fame, I just want to do what I like to.
What I do best.

But I kind of enjoy if there are some harmless souls after me, because when it happens I can play some games. Are you into it?