Disposal and Holidays

I had a crazy “Christmas” week.
To begin, I had to get rid of the last girl’s body. I did it as usual: cut it in small pieces and some parts I’ve grilled, just like a barbecue. Not just to eat it, although sometimes I enjoy it, but to don’t have it looking like a human corpse anymore.
I’ve put all the remaining in a bag and threw it out in a big river, not all together, but piece by piece. If somebody finds it, it will be difficult to say it used to be a person one day…

After that, I started looking for my next toy. As I said before, holidays are great for that, and I didn’t want to miss it.

A lot of people likes to travel and stay in country houses, far from the city, most of them isolated. I knew a place that I´d been before, where there were some houses like that, that most of the visitors just comes for holidays, and with houses far from each other. Just two hours from here.
I decided to take a look in there, check for houses with not too much cars, one or two in preference. And I found one where there was just a couple staying… Probably they had rented the place.

I observed their routine for one day and night. The other day I rested, came back in the night.
They had a celebration, drank a little apparently. It was raining, so they didn’t find it weird when I cut the phone line. And cell phones hardly worked in there… I decided to go in.
In this kind of place they don’t work in security as hard as they do in the city. Sometimes they have a dog at least, but it was not the case. So it was pretty easy:
I got in by the fence, and they were in the patio. They just noticed I was there after I attacked. And nobody could hear their screams.
I stayed with them until Saturday, doing what I went there to do. And I left at night, but their corpse stayed in that place now covered with blood. I had time to make sure I left no clues about me.

Now comes the New Year’s Eve holidays… I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but I deserve a big party!

Happy holidays for you all!

8 Responses to “Disposal and Holidays”

  1. Well… only the same: When you will stop with this joke and come here to the really true game? Waiting for you, baby…
    Happy New Year!

  2. Dear God! Too many strong people!!

  3. You never come after strong people jack. And you know, I’m stronger than you. We are stronger than you. Take me and you will be dead. You know I am not as weak as your “toys”. You are weak, for this your tusks as weak. It’s easy. It was so easy to kill that weak people. You don’t like the “hard” level of the game. You can take one of us. But do it and maybe we decide to play a little with you.

  4. Rafael(K) Says:

    Jack, for how long you keep this words ? When you will try to do what you keep saying that you will do, come after me. You are stupid or coward?maybe both.

    Doesn´t matter if are so coward, you will left(or alreey do) clues,and i will be there,and maybe you just realized how close i am,just before i attack,how you say.

    You dying Jack…

  5. […] to the bodies. I had with me two disfigured bodies that I had to get rid of. I decided not to discard them as usual. If someone was watching, they would learn how I usually work. I’ve noticed the guy had some car […]

  6. marcel_miller Says:

    hey buddy stfu or else ill cut your balls off

  7. owlhead3201 Says:

    They didn’t deserve to die though. Rafael K., don’t talk like that with him. You CAN’T reason with this guy. We need to make him believe what he’s been doing is wrong, cause it IS!
    Although, if I could, I guess I would kill him….
    Who knows?

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