I didn’t want to kill her fast.
Not just because I like to watch my victims suffer, but I also like to have time to play with them.
And I enjoy having them see what I’m seeing, so the girl had to be awake.

I’ve never studied surgery, but with time I’ve learned some useful techniques of keeping people alive even without some members, or with its body cut open.

First, I paralyzed her, sticking a knife right into her spine.
And left her like that for one day.
She couldn’t feel her legs anymore, so I cut both of them out, and made her watch it.
Then I ripped some parts off her face: ears, nose, cheeks, one eye, and left a mirror in front of her.
I also took some pictures, and gave them to her.
The last thing I did was carefully cut her belly open with a knife, and I left it open and watched her die.

I had been playing with her for a little more than one week, and it was an enormous pleasure to do so.
I really don’t know why it pleases me so much, but it does.

Looking at her I wondered how I would feel to be in my victim’s place, if I would enjoy seeing myself like that, my own flesh.
I really don’t know, probably not.
But it seems that there are some people who would enjoy to be in her place.
It seems that there are people who would enjoy to see their own body in pieces.

Well, now I have to get rid of this corpse and look for a fresh one.
Holidays are great for that.
Merry Christmas!

11 Responses to “Murder”

  1. Figlio de una puttana!
    When we get you, I will slice you in a thousand pieces, slowly, to feel in your skin what gave you so much pleasure in doing with the others!
    And no, don’t think I’m equal to you by saying that. You are a monster who kills for your ego, without the victim has deserved.
    Ah, yes, I still say that I would be in place of the victim. But you can be sure, who eventually tied in a chair, listening to the sound of a drill, wouldn’t be me, but you!
    Merry Christmas, J.A.C.K.!

    • Laura you are right this man is insane but don’t kill him just catch him in his own act an do to him as what he does to them girls. Someone needs to catch this monster an torture him.
      -Mary x-mas

  2. Those who think this kind of things deserves the same morbid life. And you have too much people trying to keep you.
    Good ‘Lock’
    and Merry Chrishmas

  3. I alredy say this to you,and more and more i hear you , this become more clear, you are just a sick bastard.

    I don´t wanna kill you, i just wanna catch you for you stop with all this. You won´t will need any of us to reach the moment when you will see will soul,and not your flesh , broke inside you and fall into peaces.

    You think that you are brave enough to face me?SO STOP WITH ALL THIS AND CAME HERE!


    ok now thats not right… (quote) The last thing I did was carefully cut her belly open with a knife, and I left it open and watched her die.

    JESUS CRISTG man i draw the line there man shit.. 0.0

  5. does it ever bother you? like, when ur just sitting alone, does it kinda make u feel bad? dont get me wrong, im not judging u. i am just wondering

  6. and by it, i mean killing someone. like, do u feel guilty and sad?

  7. Hmm… interesting, ill give you that.

  8. owlhead3201 Says:

    You should’ve given her an adrenaline shot while doing all that. I hear the body can shut down under so much pain after a while. The adrenaline might keep her awake you know?
    By the way, I once had these fantasies on people I hated. One time, I could have done it, but I didn’t. But I was up for hours thinking about it. But I got over it. Murder is against God’s will.
    Are you religous? Don’t you ever think about what God would say to you on Judgement Day?

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