Yes, I did it!
First, on Tuesday I was there at the same time waiting for the bus, started a small conversation with her, got on the same bus she did, and got off on the forth stop.
The next day I approached her to talk again, and this time we had something in common: we took the same bus. Of course I pretended to be someone else, someone I felt she would like, and it worked. I took the bus again, same thing. I told her that my car was getting fixed, and that I would probably have it soon.

Before I showed up in public, I changed a little bit of myself. I had been letting my beard grow for some time, I’d colored my hair, appeared always with glasses and contacts, and I even faked an accent. I didn’t look like myself, and after she disappeared I could completely change the way I looked.

And Thursday it was perfect: I found her standing there all by herself! I had my car just one block away, got into it, drove to the bus stop and asked if she needed a ride. She hesitated at first, I thought I would have to force her, but finally she took it.
It was pretty easy to put her to sleep then.

She woke up in my basement, tied to my chair, and I still have her with me.
Do you really want to be in her place?

P.S. Some people may think I’m a coward because sometimes I look for weaker victims, but I call coward the ones who aren’t brave enough to follow their instincts. Are you brave enough?

7 Responses to “Capture”

  1. So maybe you are coward in your own essence, even your primare instincts show this.
    Right now my instinct is follow your and take down your little game. You wanna make a trade ?So here i am,release the girl and try to catch me. Try to show your face to someone that is not tied in a chair.
    Are you brave enough?

  2. Take me in her place
    I’m not afraid… but you will be
    Are you brave enough to do it?

  3. Yes, I’m brave enought, and if one of us be there, You will be the fright one! Still wainting for you!

  4. You people say you’re brave enough to trade places… but are you really ready to die? to be killed slowly for J.A.C.K’s pleasure?

  5. owlhead3201 Says:

    It still doesn’t mean we’re cowards. You STILL kill people. And you do it to a girl. How am I a coward? And you also did it sneakily, remember.

  6. Well J.A.K.E you think you are big an mean cause people are scared of you well were not now come an get us J.A.K.E you dirty bitch. Show your face an release the girl.

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