Are you my girl?

I think I’ve spotted someone.
Someone who would fully please me and at the same time looks easy to dominate.

Last Tuesday I was driving back home around 7 p.m. and I saw a girl waiting at the bus stop. She was beautiful: brunette, average height, seemed to be in her mid-20s.
It’s not that I just like to torture and kill women, I’m not a sexual predator, but it’s easier. First because I’m stronger than they are, and they hardly fight back. They get so frightened that they get in a kind of state of shock. So usually I have less trouble with them.

My potential new victim wasn’t alone, that’s why I decided not to strike then. There were more people waiting for the bus.
But I’ve been observing and everyday this week she was at the same place, at the same time. Except on Friday. I guess she works or studies somewhere close.
Any day that I find her standing alone I will just attract or force her into my car.

But it has to be soon, because it’s getting difficult to control my needs. And I don’t want to do anything dumb, just by impulse, and get caught.

Are you reading this?
I can already smell the scent of your blood!

4 Responses to “Are you my girl?”

  1. So you´re showing yourself. I really get disappoint with you , maybe in the end you just coward. You´ve hidding and playing games, you talk about let the masks fall, but you are the frist to hide behind one.
    You “courage” it´s for those what are tied e off action.
    I wanna see if in some place of your soul lies a little of courage, i am here and not afraid. Stop hidding, we´re close.
    Let this girl in peace and come after someone what is chasing you too.

  2. Your miserable! Want to catch someone? So catch me! Don’t catch a innocent girl, she do nothing with you! Besides that, you are a coward, only seize weaker people than you! You piece of shit… come on! I’m wainting for you!

  3. Kah Heart Says:


    So funny!

    But I’m afraid!!


  4. owlhead3201 Says:

    Oh God, something’s telling me this guy isn’t going to just ask her on a date my friends….

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