Today I woke up hungry.
I’m not talking about food, at least not for the body, but for the soul.
My twisted soul.

The only thing I can think about right now is blood, human blood.
As I watch people passing by me I wonder how they would look like in pieces.
Is this normal? I mean, does everybody have these feelings sometimes, but they learn how to overcome it? For me it seems impossible. I just can’t repress it, it’s like a basic need: until I get it done, until I make it real, it doesn’t get out of my head. And it hurts, like if I was starving.

So right now I’m in need of a plan to satisfy my needs. I don’t want to get caught and all the art of planning a death is just fulfilling. I can picture how it’s gonna be over and over, watch it a thousand times in my head. Beautiful! At the same time it’s just like when I’m hungry and I see a picture of a juicy burger in front of me. It seems like my hunger increases.

Have you ever felt this way?

6 Responses to “Hunger”

  1. No, Jack… not this kind of felling… I only fell thirsty of justice, to hunt and catch sons of a bitch who kill innocent people, like you!
    You run against yourself

  2. I understand completely.

  3. Rafael (K) Says:

    Hi again Jack,

    No buddy,i don´t fell this way. The mind has a lot of ways, you fallen in one of these ways and are lost.

    You´re so lost Jack… let me help you, here it is, come..smell my blood..let´s see what you do.

    See you soon.

  4. streetteamfkn Says:


  5. owlhead3201 Says:


  6. owlhead3201 Says:

    Well, you stay away from me J.A.C.K..

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