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Disposal and Holidays

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I had a crazy “Christmas” week.
To begin, I had to get rid of the last girl’s body. I did it as usual: cut it in small pieces and some parts I’ve grilled, just like a barbecue. Not just to eat it, although sometimes I enjoy it, but to don’t have it looking like a human corpse anymore.
I’ve put all the remaining in a bag and threw it out in a big river, not all together, but piece by piece. If somebody finds it, it will be difficult to say it used to be a person one day…

After that, I started looking for my next toy. As I said before, holidays are great for that, and I didn’t want to miss it.

A lot of people likes to travel and stay in country houses, far from the city, most of them isolated. I knew a place that I´d been before, where there were some houses like that, that most of the visitors just comes for holidays, and with houses far from each other. Just two hours from here.
I decided to take a look in there, check for houses with not too much cars, one or two in preference. And I found one where there was just a couple staying… Probably they had rented the place.

I observed their routine for one day and night. The other day I rested, came back in the night.
They had a celebration, drank a little apparently. It was raining, so they didn’t find it weird when I cut the phone line. And cell phones hardly worked in there… I decided to go in.
In this kind of place they don’t work in security as hard as they do in the city. Sometimes they have a dog at least, but it was not the case. So it was pretty easy:
I got in by the fence, and they were in the patio. They just noticed I was there after I attacked. And nobody could hear their screams.
I stayed with them until Saturday, doing what I went there to do. And I left at night, but their corpse stayed in that place now covered with blood. I had time to make sure I left no clues about me.

Now comes the New Year’s Eve holidays… I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but I deserve a big party!

Happy holidays for you all!


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I didn’t want to kill her fast.
Not just because I like to watch my victims suffer, but I also like to have time to play with them.
And I enjoy having them see what I’m seeing, so the girl had to be awake.

I’ve never studied surgery, but with time I’ve learned some useful techniques of keeping people alive even without some members, or with its body cut open.

First, I paralyzed her, sticking a knife right into her spine.
And left her like that for one day.
She couldn’t feel her legs anymore, so I cut both of them out, and made her watch it.
Then I ripped some parts off her face: ears, nose, cheeks, one eye, and left a mirror in front of her.
I also took some pictures, and gave them to her.
The last thing I did was carefully cut her belly open with a knife, and I left it open and watched her die.

I had been playing with her for a little more than one week, and it was an enormous pleasure to do so.
I really don’t know why it pleases me so much, but it does.

Looking at her I wondered how I would feel to be in my victim’s place, if I would enjoy seeing myself like that, my own flesh.
I really don’t know, probably not.
But it seems that there are some people who would enjoy to be in her place.
It seems that there are people who would enjoy to see their own body in pieces.

Well, now I have to get rid of this corpse and look for a fresh one.
Holidays are great for that.
Merry Christmas!


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Yes, I did it!
First, on Tuesday I was there at the same time waiting for the bus, started a small conversation with her, got on the same bus she did, and got off on the forth stop.
The next day I approached her to talk again, and this time we had something in common: we took the same bus. Of course I pretended to be someone else, someone I felt she would like, and it worked. I took the bus again, same thing. I told her that my car was getting fixed, and that I would probably have it soon.

Before I showed up in public, I changed a little bit of myself. I had been letting my beard grow for some time, I’d colored my hair, appeared always with glasses and contacts, and I even faked an accent. I didn’t look like myself, and after she disappeared I could completely change the way I looked.

And Thursday it was perfect: I found her standing there all by herself! I had my car just one block away, got into it, drove to the bus stop and asked if she needed a ride. She hesitated at first, I thought I would have to force her, but finally she took it.
It was pretty easy to put her to sleep then.

She woke up in my basement, tied to my chair, and I still have her with me.
Do you really want to be in her place?

P.S. Some people may think I’m a coward because sometimes I look for weaker victims, but I call coward the ones who aren’t brave enough to follow their instincts. Are you brave enough?

Are you my girl?

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I think I’ve spotted someone.
Someone who would fully please me and at the same time looks easy to dominate.

Last Tuesday I was driving back home around 7 p.m. and I saw a girl waiting at the bus stop. She was beautiful: brunette, average height, seemed to be in her mid-20s.
It’s not that I just like to torture and kill women, I’m not a sexual predator, but it’s easier. First because I’m stronger than they are, and they hardly fight back. They get so frightened that they get in a kind of state of shock. So usually I have less trouble with them.

My potential new victim wasn’t alone, that’s why I decided not to strike then. There were more people waiting for the bus.
But I’ve been observing and everyday this week she was at the same place, at the same time. Except on Friday. I guess she works or studies somewhere close.
Any day that I find her standing alone I will just attract or force her into my car.

But it has to be soon, because it’s getting difficult to control my needs. And I don’t want to do anything dumb, just by impulse, and get caught.

Are you reading this?
I can already smell the scent of your blood!


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Today I woke up hungry.
I’m not talking about food, at least not for the body, but for the soul.
My twisted soul.

The only thing I can think about right now is blood, human blood.
As I watch people passing by me I wonder how they would look like in pieces.
Is this normal? I mean, does everybody have these feelings sometimes, but they learn how to overcome it? For me it seems impossible. I just can’t repress it, it’s like a basic need: until I get it done, until I make it real, it doesn’t get out of my head. And it hurts, like if I was starving.

So right now I’m in need of a plan to satisfy my needs. I don’t want to get caught and all the art of planning a death is just fulfilling. I can picture how it’s gonna be over and over, watch it a thousand times in my head. Beautiful! At the same time it’s just like when I’m hungry and I see a picture of a juicy burger in front of me. It seems like my hunger increases.

Have you ever felt this way?