I let you think for a couple of days but now, i am going to share all my experience with you.

Knowing my mind may help you with your investigation.


But beware… it won`t be easy.


This is not a game. I am ready to anything and nothing will cross my goals.


I am you… and you are nothing without my mind pulling the strings.


No more riddles… just blood



3 Responses to “J.A.C.K.”

  1. I’m getting tired of riddles, let the party begins. Let us see who’s smarter and stronger, you or me. I already have the answer, but let’s see how far can you go before i catch you!

  2. Know your mind, and why not, your past and future, will be interesting…

    Prepare to pull the rope on your neck that yourself have tied!

  3. Rafael(K) Says:

    Jack, your ego blind your eyes.You sensation of control make you lose the atention to little detail and little moves that can make the difference.
    Let´s see if you will be ready when i look trough your eyes.
    You put fire in something what you can´t stop ,and you never know when you will be consumed by the your own fire.

    my mind is flowing

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