I read your lines. Your brave words. Sentences of pride, phrases of honnor.

But I can sense fear behind your writting, I feel doubt.


Is this a game? Am I involved now in a web painted in blood? I know those questions live somewhere inside you.


I would go with the second one…


I gave you a chance to step back and save your life so you can keep walking for 80 years.

But it seems that you want to fly for a minute.


I will tell you a premonition now:


You will be buried for eternity




4 Responses to “Eternity”

  1. Well… let’s fly, J.A.C.K.!!

  2. Rafael(K) Says:

    Only the ignorant can live without doubt,only those what not know the fear live without fear.

    We will fly Jack,fly high.But don´t you be you who will determinate for how long i will fly.

    I will tell you something too,and i don´t need be a prophet :
    We all wiil be buried by the sand´s of time.You will die as all of us will too.

  3. Even drunk I’m not scared of you silly jack… You are nothing but a repressed man, and I’m gonna catch you in a few days. You’re just a an in a small box, a place you’re never step out…

  4. In the Game of life, we live and die… fear and doubt, are normal. So, we will fly… for the eternity.

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