Peace and Pain

This title was taken from a truly lived moment from someone that seems to be ready to face his own mind. The one who is ready to accept anything even coming from a deadly enemy, is the one that is closer to know that nothing is actually the place where silence words can reveal everything and in that moment, you just don’t have to learn anything else just because it is written in your heart.

Yes, we can make a choice…. but only if we live in doubt. But don’t forget I am a snake with wings.

Fly for a minute or walk for 80 years.

Make up your mind now! K.

7 Responses to “Peace and Pain”

  1. You just know how to speak in riddles, but I guess, you have a personality problem. Be straight to me, will you do something or will you repress yourself in histories?

  2. Rafael K Says:

    I wish to face my mind for so many time.Really face her, not just in simple words,but fell this.
    You say you are a deadly enemy.You are this only if you choose to be.
    Doubts are the result of so many things.Of try to not hurt those what we care about,of do the right thing..of search for some true.
    In the nothing can be the place were i can find what was written on my heart.But i don´t find this yet.You alred saw what was write on your heart?You can say how do this?How go so deep inside in the mind at the point what is possible see what really is in the heart,what really is in the soul.

    You pass your life making enemy´s,and because of this don´t matter if you are a snake with wings,with so many hunting you that you not remain place for you.

  3. Who can live without doubt? The person’s character is formed from the choices made throughout life.
    And… snake with wings? Oh, please!!! Bah…
    Do you speak portuguese? My english is awful…

    Well.. we meet your J.,A.,C. and K. personality… and now? Will we see all at the same time? J.A.C.K.?

  4. What happens when we let all of our personalities show at the same time?

  5. Make up YOUR mind, J.A.C.K.!
    WHO are you??

    I don’t have any reason to be afraid of you!

    Show yourself!!

  6. Well…I guess we´re dealing with a joker here…. a kind of sociopath that understand the reasons of his crimes, but, he don´t give a damn…he just want to burn Rome…. and watch it… ok…so let´s try a new kind of game..

    …I´m hunting you now…

  7. You are luck to be alive!

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