Share with me

Let’s try something.


Sit on the floor. Keep looking down but don’t close your eyes.

Just try not to think… If you got yourself entering a thought, just try to come back to nothing. Watch your thoughts like clouds passing throught the sky.


Try it for 5 minutes. If you succed, you are ready to face yourself.  Master this, and you can defeat yourself.


Never forget that if you understand my work, it means that you are capable of  killing too.

This mean that I am inside you and you live in me.

Before trying to threat me, I dare you to defat yourself.


I want to hear the results of your five minute experience.

Share with me.



7 Responses to “Share with me”

  1. 5 minutes? I can do this for hours, and every time I look inside myself, i guess it’s beautiful, and dangerous. I can see the end, and it’s amazing how the game ends, when all the pieces fall down, and I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    Show yourself to me and let’s see who’s gonna live, dear Mr “K.”

  2. The art of meditation… I have done it (sometimes unconsciously) all my life, and still done… and what I see not concerns you. And understand the reason of a killer not means are capable to killing too. I can understand the wolf, but chose to be a sheep. The equilibrium is the perfect point to live, don’t the exaggeration like you are.

    Now waiting for the K. … J.A.C.K

  3. Asgia Iocram Says:

    Ab alio spectes alteri quod feceris

    Ars est celare artem

    two things to you think
    this was my experience

    bye bye mr
    J. (Jailed?)
    A. (Arrested?)
    C. (Crap?)

  4. Rafael(K) Says:

    Results of the experience:
    Was hard to wash over all of my mind.A push them away,but million thougts keep crossing my head.But for a time,i get sucess in this.Was a strange sensation.Dive into nothing and be there,many times a tried to do this,and i keep trying,even not knowing exactly the why.I fell a mix of peace and pain, and a litlee of nothing too.

    In other times i fell this,this nothing sensation.Is this what make you capable of kill?this not felling.Maybe it is…

    We have the good and the evil inside us,maybe i am capable of killing.But i can make a choice, i can choose kill or not to kill.
    We can be similar in some things, also we maybe are so different in other things.

    I share with you my sensations in this experimet,now tell me yours.

  5. i cant if i do i will shatter and lose control.. .only darkness

  6. and yes im capable of killing

  7. i found myself thinking a lot. but not of anything particular. more like a million and one things running through my head. i could see inside myself. i could see what i look like on the inside. im standing, welcoming myself to the show. my eyes are white with black circles, im smiling, my hair is a mess, i cant stop laughing. its like im a demon on the inside. my hands are dripping with blood. with my own blood, from my wrists. like my past is still a part of me. i keep asking myself to come in and sit down. to join me. its like something in me wants me to go back to my old ways. i cant stop laughing at myself. my head spins in circles and then looks right at me and screams. its like my brain is a freak show. theres smoke, and pupets, and blood everywhere, but i dont know whos. theres ropes hanging, some with bodies and some with blood stains. im wearing a long white dress, with crimson stains covering it. im still smiling…

    am i capable of killing?

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