The Ballet in Black started

Ok… So lets start The Inevitable Nightfall


November 4th – The Master Plan

I was sitting inside the so called Temple of God.

I was arrested and tortured by those sheeps. You remember!


They sent me to a cell and… just to tell you a little secret, they sent me to where I wanted to be.

Sometimes we have to cross the enemy’s line so the master plan could work.


You ran after me for about a year. I saw all of you people celebrating because I was caught. You were so pride that you followed your Instinct.


But now Im coming after you. I guarantee you won’t celebrate that


Do you like chess?



6 Responses to “The Ballet in Black started”

  1. I have been waiting for you since you’ve been caught, and now it’s time for us to meet. Let’s see who’s the weak king on this game!

  2. Rafael K Says:

    Our Instincts lead us to you Jack.And belive, my instincts will keep going after you.
    So now we became to know the reason of your smile.
    And yes Jack, i like chess…do you wanna play a game?

    By Ariel.

  3. Hum.. so you wanted to be jailed because was a part of a plan… and now? Will you write a book too? Well, we are prepare to face you.
    And yes, I like chess… and this game of chess started 1 year ago.

    I’ll keep my eyes on you, J. A.!!

    • It’s funny how a simple word like “We” gives human a felling of security. When the masks are removed, it’s just “you”.

  4. A.?? Hum…Pikachu, are you there?!

  5. yes life is like chess u use people for your pawns and u r the king protected at all times.

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